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  Afro Cocaine

How Cocaine Hit the Hoods
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Funny story. The Coca Leaf Farm & Cocaine Production Industry in inner-city ghettos has blossomed into a full-blown industry in urban areas throughout the country, providing a continuous source of revenue for many inner-city men and women, and junkies. Black farmers have finally gotten their own forty acres and their mule to plow and plant their coco leaf fields, a day many of our enslaved ancestors would have loved to live to see.

Though Coca originated in the Andes Mountains of South America, thanks to the capitalist structure of America, the supreme laws, rules and regulations of the United States justice system where it pertains to interstate and international commerce and border control, Black America can enjoy the fruits of entrepreneurship and take part in the great American dream.

From families of welfare mothers and children to the street gangs of the hoods, Black people are prospering from this newfound source of production and manufacturing.

Not only have Blacks discovered how to mass production cocaine from the thousands of coco leaf fields in inner cities, but also they have created a serious manufacturing and distribution system. Surprising, however, how the Black farmers of ghettos can get away with cocaine trafficking from state to state across borders and through drug-enforced checkpoints. It seems the United States government almost supports this drug trade in inner cities despite its illegalities.

On the downside, however, many more Black men and women are being incarcerated for drug trafficking, drug possession and using while at the same time, no drug manufacturers or farmers are being arrested. This is indeed bewildering in this supreme system of American justice.

Afromerica would like to congratulate all the Black farmers and field hands who have turned cocaine agriculture and manufacturing technology into a very profitable business in the Black community. If it were not for these guys, the future of the inner city would look bleak because of no real employment opportunities.

On the other hand, there would not be as many brothers and sisters to fill the United States prison system, crowd the rehabilitation centers sponsored by government funding, and no reason to fear walking the streets of the ghetto.

Next week, Afromerica takes a look at the highly technological revolution of gun and ammunition industrialization in urban areas.

© August 2014


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