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Parole Equals Digital Concentration Camps

economics (34K) Here again, is a system designed and operated from a controlling-paternalistic model. Understandably, concern and protection for the community is first priority against recently released felons into the community; however, if the prison system were serving society as it should, there would be no need to worry about parolees because released prisoners would be rehabilitated........[more]

How Cocaine Hit the Hoods

economics (34K)

The Coca Leaf Farm & Cocaine Production Industry in inner-city ghettos has blossomed into a full-blown industry in urban areas throughout the country, providing a continuous source of revenue for many inner-city men and women, and junkies. Black farmers have finally gotten their own forty acres and their mule to plow and plant their coco leaf fields, a day many of our enslaved ancestors would have loved to live to see........[more]

The Police Need Investigating

economics (34K) These days' residents of low-income communities and some urban-based communities need to watch their backs. Not necessarily for the drug dealers and thugs that walk the streets, but from the police. Increasing cases of police misconduct (or what was once known as brutality) have raised questions and alarm in many city officials prompting them to develop programs that monitor police behavior and help them improve police/community relationships......[more]

Below is a list of examples of formal and informal policies which seem to have contributed to the social disintegration (and hence the crime rate) of black urban communities:

* Lax enforcement of city housing codes, which allows buildings to physically fall apart and discourages more wealthy residents from moving in.

* "Redlining" and disinvestment by banks and realtors, which stigmatizes whole areas as being low value.

* Cutbacks in city services, which hit poorer neighborhoods hardest because the residents cannot afford private alternatives. This also encourages wealthier residents to leave and reduces the general health of the community.

* Concentrating blacks in massive housing projects, which breaks down the sense of community because of the rapid turnover of residents.

Afro Solution

Afromerica will make suggestions as to how to curb crime and drugs in the Black communities. As opposed to lobbying for legislation and marching down the streets to the city hall - both, which have run their course of historical effectiveness - one simple way to stop the violence is to strengthen the urban family. Though the family is an institution that requires individual efforts and values, the community, the city, and the nation, any nation, is only successful by the strengths of family.

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