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england (2K)Euro-Culture Envy

Euro-Culture Envy is the practice of Blacks who indoctrinate themselves in the cultural concepts and ideas of historical and ancient Europe. According to their interpretation of living the high-class and cultured life, they believe that possessing the knowledge of and practicing the ways of ancient Europe will give them an aura of sophistication and refinement. They steer their lives toward the social circles that flaunt their collective works of Euro-artifacts and who blurt the phrases of notable philosophers, poets, and authors of old. But they have no knowledge of where they come from or even care. This is Euro-envy, and might it be absolutely defined as the label of self-hatred.

Knowing the history of the world's cultures has its rewards if studied and used academically or for ones own self-enhancement. But if used as merely a means to impress or to earn prestige, it is called phony. The ignorance of ones own heritage in exchange for the recipe of another would justify the term "black sheep." Though many people convert to religions and cultures not of their native or expected one, not many believe as Blacks who have Euro-envy.

For instance, the European vacation seems to have always been and is now, the advertised desire for people of wealth and culture. People want to "go to Europe" or "study in Europe." Going to Europe - to people who have Euro-envy - means that having been there gives them an added level of sophistication over others. It means that they can now look at the achievements of others as menial compared to theirs.

There is nothing wrong with "going to Europe" per se, however, if going to Europe is going to increase ones sense of arrogance then it will be a wasted trip. Most scholars or people who truly desire knowledge travel around the world to learn about other cultures first hand. These are sincere efforts. To appreciate the lifestyles and history of other "worlds" is a sign of sophistication in the area of wisdom, but a phony learns nothing but a lesson of humility.

Another example of Euro-envy is going to the opera. A Black person at the opera is like a foot out of joint: it does not look right. To go and experience it as a learning venture is, again, one thing. But to regularly attend the opera simply for the sake of attention is another. The psychological affects of the opera on cultures related to that form of entertainment is understandable; it exalts the mind and feeds that soul. But for Blacks it could only vex it.

Culture is a powerful ingredient in the human psyche and nothing to be experimented with. No one sees people of other cultures breaking their necks to learn the ways of the African culture, or any culture as a means to impress. The problem is that some Blacks have been brainwashed to believe that having a taste of Euro-culture is beneficial to their level of success. And these Blacks have no interest in any other culture but the Euro one.

Visiting Rome, walking the streets of Italy, site-seeing in Paris, falling in love in France, or exploring Sweden, Poland, or the Netherlands are some kind of social medal of prestige in the circle and minds of many Blacks. Quoting from Shakespeare, debating the theories of Socrates, Aristotle, and Plato; eyeing the works of Rembrandt and speaking correctly on the Queen's English are taught to Blacks as being symbols of high-culture and refinement, supposedly depicting a form of civilized behavior.

This aged-old type of indoctrination has aided in stripping Blacks of their native culture and rituals. It has scrapped the soul clean of African heritage and spotted it with the images of Euro-thought. This unnatural mixture of the cultures taints behavior and throws the cosmos out of sync. The cognitive ability of the Black mind diminishes as it intertwines with Euro-ideology and these Blacks struggle between morality and decadence, between light and darkness.

A cat practicing the ways of a dog will soon confuse that cat so to the point where the cat will cease to function properly. It will not be able to distinguish between what his natural givens are and what he has practiced so hard to become. During his transformation in believing that it is better to be a dog, he will look at other cats and give them the tail, supposing that it is they who need refining. This sense of identity lose is vital to the development of the cat's remaining years.

Think of Euro-culture envy as a disguised way to finish enslaving the African mind. Even in Africa, Africans who go to Europe to study and return back to their native country are viewed as "black sheep." They are then known to have traded their souls for the refining of Euro-thinking. Though they reign as leaders back home and they enjoy the perks of prosperity, no longer are they a part of the soil: same with Black-Americans.

When a Black person believes that the Euro-indoctrination will enhance their chances of success they are sadly mistaken. It will do more to defeat and erase who they really are then enhancing them. Do not take this study the wrong way. Knowledge of the world is a good thing, but only if that knowledge adds to whom you really are. But if that knowledge undermines your natural identity, then it is no good thing.

© 2003 by C.R. Hamilton

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