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What Person Really Hates Themself?
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The term "Self-Hatred" seems to be a popular term in the vocabulary of Black intellectuals. The term is suppose to describe how some Blacks feel about themselves, those who have forsaken their heritage and have concealed their identity behind the identity of the white culture. The Black elitist have began labeling mostly all Blacks as "self-hating" and have themselves prescribed a remedy to overcome this awful image of Blacks and self. However, it was they - the Black Elitist - who invented this word and labeled the masses with it, but it is they who suffer from it if anyone does.

The image of the Black Elitist is one that dates back to the early nineteenth century, when Blacks began moving north, securing property and assuming identities among the white race. They took part in the "American Dream" as far as education, employment, and social status was concerned.

They started newspapers, businesses, were skilled and semi-skilled tradesmen, professional lawyers, doctors and such, and they esteemed these positions as great achievements for them and the Black race. From thence came a clique of prestigious Blacks who sought recognition in America as contributing American citizens. They believed that they deserved respect and privileges among whites and their social circles; however, what they received for their efforts was not what they expected.

To themselves they were successful but to America, they were still "niggers." This hurt their self-esteem badly and every since they have tried - with all their might - to regain their self-respect, but to not much avail. Beside them were other, more sensible Blacks to remind them that they, the elite, were Black and that America may never see them as equal in status. But the elite simply refused to believe this.

So they set out to prove their success in ways that brings more disgrace and ridicule on them than anything. They proclaim their greatness to all, in their publications by profiling Black stars, Black business people, Black educators, Black writers, political figures, donators, clergy, shoeshine boys, grocery stockers, anyone who will pose in their shallow limelight.

Regardless of how little the success is or the accomplishment by either of the above Black people, Black elitists are determined on proving to the world and especially to white America that they are great and should get respect. What is most ironic about all this clamor of Black success is that Black elitist are so determined to prove their equality to whites they will look like whites to do it.

First, they make the majority of their money selling advertising space for their magazines, and what do they advertise? Make-up, hair straightener, oils and fragrances, and other products and services that will enable them to fit into the world they so desire. Ever notice the advertisements in publications such as Ebony, Jet, and Essence magazines, and the marketing products of other highly acclaimed Black mainstreamist?

They are appeals to the Black race to absorb the looks and lifestyles of the white race. This strategy is so the Black elitist can blend in more with the crowd who rejects them as equals and who undermines their achievements. Next, Black elitist differentiate themselves from the Black masses. One way they do this is by income. Take a look at this well known magazines attempt to separate itself from the Black masses and to equate itself with the rich and the white:

Total Adult Audience			12,113,000
Women/Men Ratio				62.6/37.4
Median Age				37.9 years
Mean HHI (household income)		$49,216

This well-known Black elitist magazine places a price on its readership, as if anyone under the annual income of $49,216 does not have the same interest, capabilities, or smarts to appreciate their attempt at Americanization. This sad representation of Black achievement is undermined because it is a sure show of arrogance. Who cares how much people make who reads their magazine. Unfortunately, this is how Black elitist measure themselves against white America and against the masses of Blacks they consider beneath them.

Talk about "self-hatred." They not only hate themselves for not being judged by whites as equal in status, but they hate other Blacks who they feel know no better. So what attributes of Black elitism are there? Here are some signs that you are a Black elitist:

1. You make over $75,000 a year.
2. You subscribe to Black "mainstream" magazines
3. You purchase beauty products that promise you the white look
4. You go to the opera to impress whites not because you really like it
5. You move out to the suburbs to get away from low-income Blacks
6. You measure your success by TV commercials and Soap Opera lifestyles
7. You think Black achievement is when a Black actor wins an Oscar
8. You no longer eat chicken with your fingers in front of whites
9. You have dinner parties and there are more whites than Blacks
10. You have more debt than you actually make.

Five or more of these attributes makes you a Black elitist. Not that there is anything wrong with success, no. The problem is that when using the term "self-hatred" to describe anyone but yourself - if you are an elitist - a second look should be taken at your own lifestyle and beliefs. More power to you if you know that whites will never really view us as equal or even capable of measuring up to their so-called standards. And even more power if you know that you are all good if you meet none of the standards above.

© 2003 by Cartel Q


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