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The Chosen People: America's Partioning of Class

economics (34K) The springboard to a class society begins with partitioning people based on credentials earned from accredited universities, which are more than often earned by the people who are privileged enough to afford university cost. A simple strategy that keeps the rich separated from the poor and the elite from the underclass.........[more]

Strengthening Black Community Economics

economics (34K) The future of the black economic and political condition, rest in the hands of Afro-American leaders and achievers. There is no longer a blatant plot to hinder or discourage opportunity in this country; we are free to accomplish whatever goals we choose. What suppresses Afro-American prosperity is grouping among the race and the division is widening each day......[more]

Money Make the Rules

economics (34K)We know when, but how did the tattoo become such a cultural trend in America. More kids, parents, and some grandparents even, have now been branded by the new era of body art. Likewise, products such as the SUV and the cell-phone have carved a trend into American society, and certain words and phrases of social media make their way into and out of the mouths of teens on up to the hipster middle-aged. These are cultural trends and passing fads that have shaped American lifestyle because they bring about "attitude." However, the ethical culture of America does not go without being affected also......[more]

Evolving to a Greater Divide

economics (34K) Of all the flawed Western scientific theories, Social Darwinism is one laced with Euro-egotism, upheld to-date by the American capitalist culture by which society is divided in proportion to class......[more]

Social Class is Elitist Segregation

economics (34K) American society is grouped into social class structures, which define who we are in America and how we stand as citizens. The classes are divided into three basic categories, the Privileged Class, the Majority Class, and the Lower Class........[more]

What Person Really Hates Themself?

economics (34K) The term "Self-Hatred" seems to be a popular term in the vocabulary of Black intellectuals. The term is suppose to describe how some Blacks feel about themselves, those who have forsaken their heritage and have concealed their identity behind the identity of the white culture. The Black elitist have began labeling mostly all Blacks as "self-hating" and have themselves prescribed a remedy to overcome this awful image of Blacks and self. However,...[more]


The establishment of the strong, Black middle-class during the early 60's drove a damaging wedge into the growth of the American-Black nation as a whole. The Civil Rights movements pressed upon lawmakers and political officials to "give Blacks a piece of the America pie" to avoid further protest, boycotts, and race riots. So a portion (a very small portion) of American wealth was shared out to certain Blacks, leaving the rest to fend for themselves. The ones left behind were the ones trapped in ghettos and dependant on the hand of welfare. Only now are some making a recovery.

Afro Solution

Afromerica will distinguish between the Black middle-class of today and the Black under-class of today. By the time you are educated by the content here, you will not only know to which class you belong, but you will be prepared to do something to rejoin the two nations of Black-America.

Afro Gender

Black men. Black women. Black men and Black women. Black men and white women. Black women and white men. Personality, preferences, education, career, relationships, etc., and how each relates in and to the above scenarios will be examined in the gender section of Afromerica.

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