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suburbs (2K)Suburban America

Suburbs are commonly defined as residential areas on the outskirts of a city or large town. Residents of suburbs tend to live in single-family homes and commute by automobile to work.... [Visit]

blkcommunity (3K)Urban America

The Urbana culture is the culture of cities. Cities all over the world, past and present, have behaviors and cultural elements that separate them from suburbs and otherwise comparable rural areas.... [Visit]

stratification (1K)Ethnic Stratification

Racial-Ethnic Stratification is the organization of society such as that people in some racial-ethnic groups have more property, power, or prestige than do other groups..... [Visit]

wineclass (4K)Class Culture

The establishment of the strong, Black middle-class during the early 60's drove a damaging wedge into the growth of the American-Black nation as a whole. Afromerica will distinguish between the Black middle-class of today and the Black under-class of today...... [Visit]

drugs (2K)Crme & Drugs

Afromerica will make suggestions as to how to curb crime and drugs in the Black communities. As opposed to lobbying for legislation and marching down the streets to the city hall - both, which have run their course of historical effectiveness - one simple way to stop the violence is to strengthen the urban family...... [Visit]

working (3K)Work Force

Black America make up 35% of America's work force. In this section Afromerica reveals information about today's workforce as well as how to make the best of it....... [Visit]

community (100K)

blkcouple3 (2K)Gender Studies

Black men. Black women. Black men and Black women. Black men and white women. Black women and white men. Personality, preferences, education, career, relationships, etc., and how each relates in and to the above scenarios will be examined in the gender section of Afromerica........[Visit]

Take Action Against Oppression
minority2 (41K)

speakeasy (1K)User Support System

We offer 3 different virtual user support systems as a regular service to anyone who may need support for their computer.

[Visit Now]

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listennow (1K)
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