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Afromerica is the social/cultural movement under the division of JC Productions, Inc., a Virginia-based non-profit organization. We are spiritually inspired and moderately conservative in ideology teaching strong values and ethics to, and enhancing the God-given gifts in people of all ages.

You can contribute financially to the building and expanding foundation of Afromerica through JC Productions, Inc. as a tax-deductible contribution. Your proceeds are used by JC Productions, Inc. and filtered through City Ministry to expand our current community-based programs and ministries. By way of public literature, lectures and classes, we help develop and strengthen the character, talent and gifts of people young and old for them to become self-realized and productive citizens of our society.

Afromerica encourages support of foster children and hope that more strong families can offer their support also. We believe in family, developing productive individuals, and providing care for children who do not have the means of properly caring for themselves. We are currently working toward a private foster care program that will meet those needs for various communities around the nation.

Your funds are put to good use and needed for much of the following resources:

  • Books & software
  • Contest awards
  • Computer Training
  • Youth life-skills courses
  • Audio and video equipment
  • Music and talent development
  • High-Technology resources

Your funds are not given in vain. We are constantly believing and expanding as a means to help others, particularly our young; training them for the technologically competitive world of the future. You would be proud of the work we are doing for the community and can easily become a part of our growth.

Your contribution is secure via online transaction, or you can send a check for your contribution to our offices in Richmond, Va. We invite you to call and discuss our endeavors with either of our program directors or administrators. They are glad to answer your call and respond to any questions or concerns you might have.

We truly thank you for your interest in assisting our organization and look forward to helping you feel comfortable about your investment. It is always rewarding for the greater community to know and understand the challenges many organizations face when they choose to help develop those in need.

Contact and Mailing Information:

To contact either of our programs or directors, please call Toll Free: (866) 626-9925. You will be transferred to or given the direct contact number for either of our staff.

Email Directory:

Administrative Contacts: JC Productions, Inc. is family oriented

  • CR Hamilton - Network Administrator
  • Shawn Hamilton - Business Administrator

Payment Information:

Make checks and money orders payable to:
Jesus Christian Productions, Inc.

All donations are tax deductible. For information on the tax form you need and how to reclaim your deductions, visit the following link - When you donate through JC Productions, Inc., you will always receive a confirmation e-mail or a receipt by mail to a return mailing address you must supply, which will serve as your receipt. You also can print the confirmation page that appears on your computer screen after you've completed your contribution-that can also serve as a receipt. You should always keep a hard copy of your receipt for your tax records. For tax years before and including 2006, a canceled check or credit card receipt is allowed for any donation less than $250, with a receipt being required for those above that threshold. In 2007 and subsequent years, the $250 threshold has been eliminated and a receipt is required as support for any donation [see section 1217 of the Pension Act of 2006 -]. It is a good policy to obtain a receipt for any donation you make and most charities will issue one automatically.

Official Mailing Address:

Online Payments:

To donate online, you will be taken to our credit card processing affiliate, Paypal, under the title of JC Productions, Inc. You can use a Visa, Master Card, American Express or your own personal Paypal account to make a payment. The process is secure and protected and none of your personal or credit card information is compromised or collected and sold. Visit Paypal to review their policies.

You will receive an email confirmation for your donation. Please print the confirmation and save it for your records. If you lose your receipt, please contact us and we will make sure you receive another.



Below are other domains and websites affiliated with and/or supportive of the mission of Afromerica

To become an Afromerica Domain Affiliate, you must be a sponsor of the JC Productions, Inc. mission, which currently provides computer and Internet technology to urban areas, develop the talents and skills of urban children, and is currently in the beginning stages of a program supportive of foster children.

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