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Wed March 22 2023

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Mission Statement
Afromerica is a social-cultural think tank organized mainly for the purpose of educating and enlightening Black-America. We believe that the masses of Black-America make up the majority of the Black population in the United States and are exceedingly underrepresented and misrepresented, especially by the so-called Black leaders.

Reason for Beliefs
We believe that the Black leadership in America have only their own interest at heart and have succumbed to the politically misguided notions of the United States where it pertains to justice, economic empowerment, and the social and educational development of the masses of Black-America, which we find are, and always have been, a mere substandard agenda for the white establishment.

Our Goals
We intend on educating the masses of Black-America to the ways in which white America and the tokenized team of liberal Black leadership continues to undermine our efforts and accomplishments. We intend on exposing the means by which the ruling powers of this country apply obstacles of legal, economical, and social/educational barriers in the pathways of Black growth.

How We Will Achieve
The actions taken by the AFROMERICA movement and its members are not methods of traditional means, but are applied through new forms of organized knowledge, unity, and intellectual power. We will diligently stay attuned to all current issues that relate to our rights as citizens and human beings and will not hesitate to bring any injustices to the attention of those who would intentionally harm our growth.

Join Afromerica in its move to the next level of freedom!

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The Quiet Revolution: Black Americas Solution for Complete Liberation defies all mainstream tactics in Black Americas war for equality and liberation from Americas white supremacy oppression.

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Richmond VA Jazz and neo-soul artist
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A ministry out of Richmond VA for every other city
A research tool to expand or begin Africana studies.
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