Sri Lankan is a Foreshadow of what is to Come for the World

A serious clash of religions has broken out in Sri Lanka between Christians and Muslims. In a backlash from the Easter Sunday attacks killing 258 people, Christians have taken to the streets to attack Muslim-owned businesses and mosques and Sri Lankan police and troops have used tear gas to disperse Christian rioters.

Of course, the United States will use this as political ammunition to reignite a war between the two religions and as an excuse to invade a Muslim country, because the war between the Middle East and the West lives on in the minds of many Americans.

Here in the states, Republican politicians and media personalities are fanning the flames of hate against Representatives Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar, the two Muslim congresswomen who now occupy the house, accusing them both of anti-Semitic hate speech.

In light of the heightened threats against Iran and the rhetoric spewed by the Trump administration, John Bolton, and Mike Pompeo, there is sure to be a conflict soon in the Middle Eastern region. The clashed in Sri Lankan is a preview of what is to come on the world stage.