How the Media is Hyping a War with Iran

As long as major cable news anchors sit in their plush offices surrounded by security, able to go home to their miniature mansions behind their gated communities, they could give a damn about what happens to the sons and daughters of average mothers and fathers.

The same goes for high profile politicians and corporate raiders who vote for and lobby on whether or not to send young men and women to war as a gesture of protecting their own interest and jobs.

While these people bribe and cheat their children into high-end universities, the more marginalized citizens who cannot afford college are left with few options; one being going into the military to basically earn a living.

Merely for the sake of ratings and advertisement, corporate cable news networks drum up the drama of war to capture its audience as though it were just another reality television show.

Regardless of the consequences to the country's economy or the health and well being of the soldiers who risk their lives every day, these media drones launch headline after headline to persuade the public that a war is needed.

"In 2003, it was Iraq - in 2019, it is Iran. Much of American news reporting on US-Iran relations glosses over President Donald Trump's role and the history of American aggression against Iran."

One would think the American media had learned a lesson from the Iraq war and how trillions of dollars were drained from the domestic front to rebuild a country that never should have been bombed in the first place. But they have not learned. They are at it again.

Lies are being told, misinformation is spread throughout the news sphere along with unconfirmed reports from sources chosen to remain anonymous are being taken as gospel by the media and nothing has been verified as a fact, nor is the back-story being told at all. Consider the following most recent headlines:

"US deploying more Patriot missiles to Middle East, amid Iranian threats" (CNN)

"Pentagon Builds Deterrent Force Against Possible Iranian Attack" (New York Times)

"U.S. Says Iran Likely Behind Ship Attacks" (Wall Street Journal)

"Iranian threats led to White House's deployment announcement, U.S. officials say" (Washington Post)

This momentum clearly shows that there's not an ounce of rational thought left in the minds of America's leaders and gatekeepers, only the march toward ratings and more money. These people have lost the ability to think and reason and consider the fact that a war with a country such as Iran will disturb the balance of any remnants of peace left in the world.