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Biden predicts military will intervene if Trump refuses to accept election loss


Posted on 11 Jun 2020 

Joe Biden has predicted the military will escort Donald Trump from the White House should the president lose November’s election but refuse to leave office.

Biden, speaking to the Daily Show’s Trevor Noah, said that his single greatest concern is that the president will “try to steal this election”.

The Democratic presidential nominee cited Trump’s baseless linking of mail-in ballots to voter fraud, even though he has used this method of voting himself, and his accusations, without evidence, that Democrats are trying to rig the election.

Before the 2016 election Trump claimed the poll was rigged against him and even after he triumphed over Hillary Clinton he asserted, again with no evidence, that millions of people voted illegally against him. He estimated this cohort to consist of 3 million votes. This was the number Clinton beat him by in the popular vote, as opposed to the electoral college system that determines who ascends to the White House.

Biden told Noah that he has thought about a scenario where Trump would refuse to relinquish power after losing the election but said he was confident top military figures would intervene. “I am absolutely convinced they will escort him from the White House with great dispatch,” Biden said.

Trump is trailing Biden in most opinion polls, with the president’s election campaign demanding that CNN retract a “stunt and phony” poll that found the incumbent is trailing his challenger by 14%. CNN has said it stands by its poll.


Americans have had enough ...

... and are marching for justice in unprecedented numbers. In small towns and big cities across the country, thousands of people are giving voice to the grief and anger that generations of black Americans have suffered at the hands of the criminal justice system. Young and old, black and white, family and friends have joined together to say: enough.


The unconscionable examples of racism over the last weeks and months come as America's communities of color have been hit hardest by the coronavirus and catastrophic job losses. This is a perfect storm hitting black Americans. Meanwhile, the political leadership suggests that “when the looting starts, the shooting starts”. The president who promised to end the “American carnage” is in danger of making it worse.

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