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You Don’t Know? Here’s the Rundown on America’s News.


Posted on 11 Jul 2019 

A few weeks ago Trump threatened to unleash a deportation force on a Sunday morning. Civil rights groups, Democrats, and many other concerned people freaked out claiming cruelty and injustice. Trump pulls back and says to avoid the raids the democrats must fork over a few billion dollars to help the crises at the border.

The Democrats fold and gives him the money. But many resisted and said they should not give him a damn thing because he was only going to squander it. The Democrats – under the orders of Nancy Pelosi - folded and gave him the money anyway.

A week later, the border patrol and homeland security takes the money and builds two more detention centers to house immigrants instead of paying for extra judges to process the cases faster or for beds and toothpaste and maybe some food for the immigrants. And they talked trash about the immigrants on social media (Twitter, Facebook, who does not give an F about nobody but their members and stock holders).

The hell raisers said: “Told you so.” But Pelosi and her crew did not care, apparently.  So Trump and crew takes the money, enacts more cruelty, and then turns around and do the raids anyway. The democrats are a bunch of punk asses and will surely get their butts kicked in 2020.

Nancy Pelosi is a Trump supporter. Trump is taking America from the people, and the courts, government, and corporations could care less what you think, or do. As sure as the grass grows green, there will be a violent civil war in this country within the next 10 years.

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