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Raising Minimum Wage Does Not Hurt the Economy; that is BS


Posted on 10 Jul 2019 

Using a form of twisted, BS logic, white folks will justify and rationalize their cruelties and oppression; they have been doing it for years. They justified the genocide of millions of Native Americans and brutality of Africans because they seen them as savages, thus gave them the right to treat as savages.

On something as menial as raising wages, they use the depths of their greed to justify not paying people a living wage. Common sense says if they can raise the cost of goods and services they can raise the wages of workers.

It seems that no matter how much goods and services increase in cost, there is never a negative result or a flaw in reasoning; but when it comes to paying people, they will use convoluted logic to explain their reasoning. It is all BS.

According to their logic, “Workers making the federal minimum wage of $7.25 have a high risk of poverty, but gradually raising it to $15 would “stifle new job creation, impose undue harm to our nation’s small business owners, and harm those it proclaims to help.” 

This statement comes from the “National Restaurant Association, the trade group representing the $863 billion US restaurant industry, which employs 10 percent of the overall US workforce and half of the minimum-wage workforce.”

Of course these titans of poisonous foods are going to protect their wealth and profits, even though their foods are sending most Americans to an early grave. They do not care about the health of people so why should they care about their wages.

The cost of living constantly rises; healthcare, housing, food, transportation, and other, yet the ability to afford these things get harder by the decade. Do not believe the lies or the ignorant logic behind the reason of not paying people more. No matter how they spin it, it is all BS.

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