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The Vice President has clearly Sold his Soul


Posted on 25 Jun 2019 

Mike Pence’s claim to orthodox Christianity has been permanently tainted. This man has clearly violated any sacred, personal covenants with the Most High God. His original sin being, standing behind this president and his cruel and fearful policies from the beginning. Since then, has agreed to every sinful and unethical act Trump has committed.

His love for a position of status in the ranks of the vice presidency has caused him to abandon any righteous standards he ever had, if any. His latest departure from Christian values comes from his confession and support of the treatment of migrant children on the border.

On a Sunday morning news show, “Pence pivoted to blame Democrats for not expanding capacity at border detention centers. “No American should approve of this mass influx of people coming across our border. It is overwhelming our system,” he said. “It is a heartbreaking scene.” 

“Tapper then pressed Pence, saying that the US is the “wealthiest nation” and has money to provide “toothpaste, soap, and blankets” to detained children. Pence responded, “of course we do,” before again criticizing Congress and the appropriations process. Congress is considering a measure that would provide more funding for humanitarian aid at the border.

This man is under a cloud of permanent conviction by the powers of God. The look in his eyes lately reveals a troubled soul clearly aware that he has jeopardized his salvation with God and that his soul is in trouble.

It is only a matter of time before he goes full rouge and wicked. People who are under the cloud of conviction and whose conscience has been seared can never hide their shame for long. Either they will repent of their sins or they will completely throw off their beliefs and give in to unbridled evil.

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