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New Scientific Study Says Police Are Not Purposely Killing Black Men


Posted on 23 Jul 2019 

Want to see how racism is sown into the fabric and brains of white Americans, and why they have no intensions of stopping? Well every now and then some white person will write a book or a group of white people (scientists’) will collaborate on a study that attempts to convince themselves and their readers that there is no such thing as racism or that whites are smarter than anyone else, or that they have done nothing wrong.

These books and studies sell for hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars to a select few other white people who can afford them and who are willing to believe it and have the power to make and pass laws based on the information in the study. Additionally, there are whites who will willingly sit down and read hundreds of thousands of pages of such hyperbole in order to sooth their consciences.

One such book was “the Bell Curve,” written back in the late 90s, which convinced millions of whites (some who did not have the intellect to actually read and understand the book but only believed what it claimed by hearse), that Blacks were intellectually inferior to all other races and that whites were at the top of the brain chain.

Over the years, there have been multiple other studies that claim extreme and far-fetched theories about the behavior of whites in contrast to the behavior of Blacks published and republished in newspapers, magazines, books and even make their way to cable television news networks passed off as fact, that justify their findings.

The way they do this is they pull together pages of data, statistics, research footnotes and references of other white folks who have written extreme theories of human behavior based on race and compile it into a readable format to look and sound scientific and important. But if read thoroughly for context and meaning, it is nothing more than an idiotic, racist claim surrounded by complex words and numbers.

So in this bit of white-foolery, this Michigan State University study – probably written up by white folks who had nothing better to do than to plot how to maintain racism – recites another important sounding science team called the, PNAS - Proceedings of the National Academy of Science of the United States of America.

These people say that the police are not purposely killing Black men. They say that the killings are happening because the neighborhoods where the people (unarmed Black men) are being killed are just violent neighborhoods so the chances of someone who lives in that neighborhood being shot by anyone, including the police, are higher than normal.

They say that after they consulted their “comprehensive database of officers involved in fatal shootings during 2015 and predict victim race from civilian, officer, and county characteristics. We find no evidence of anti-Black or anti-Hispanic disparities across shootings, and White officers are not more likely to shoot minority civilians than non-White officers.”

First of all, “We found,” does not mean no one else found. In other words, why should anyone believe them when millions of people can see what is happening right before their eyes: (called body cams). There is no way to explain away what the eye can actually see. It does not matter what “they found,” the truth is the truth.

In their own subtle and deceptive way, they are trying to convince lawmakers not to place more Black policemen in Black neighborhoods. They would rather keep the white cops in Black neighborhoods so they can continue to kill unarmed Black men and women. So in order to do so, they have to convince the public that white cops are not killing Black men on purpose because – based on their data – Black men are going to get killed in their neighborhoods anyway.

Many Black people will even agree with these findings if they live in a bad neighborhood and would simply want more police officers, but the whole point is to diversify the police force so white cops can police their own neighborhoods. By this logic, less Black men would be killed by cops because Black cops can relate to young Black men better. They have no race-based motive behind them and more to lose if they kill another Black man. They would definitely go to jail, unlike white cops who walk scott free.

So the argument and deception of these type studies are pure fiction and are meant to maintain racism as an intertwined fabric into the American psyche and culture. They hide these studies from the public by circulating it through the dark corners of white academia and media and these type fabrications and propaganda eventually make it into mainstream law and political policy.

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