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US Takeover of Venezuela Did Not Work


Posted on 06 Jul 2019 

Regardless of the bullying, the media smear and lie campaign, and the sanctions placed on Venezuela meant to starve the citizens, the current Venezuelan president remains in power and determined not to be moved.

“Venezuela’s President Nicolás Maduro presented a grand military parade on Friday to mark his country’s independence day, basking in his power as commander in chief.”

Short of possible military action, any attempt by the United States to take the country through lies and a modern day coop is not working and makes the Trump administration look weak, pathetic and the bold-face liars that they are.

They have tried every trick in the book going back to how the US invaded Vietnam and got themselves into a war they could not win; Iraq also, when the Bush administration got the US into a war that has not yet ended. Now they want Venezuela and eventually Iran.

But all the tricks they are using are old and failing lies that the public has caught on to and can see as bullying, oppression, and outright old school colonialism. The failed attempt has revealed that people and other countries of the world are tired of war and the US military occupation of their lands.

It also shows how devious the US can be when they talk sanctions against countries. The sanctions are not punishment for bad behavior of the other countries, they are attempts to plunge the country into economic depressions and force them to a dependent position in the world.

All the tactics are evil and colonialism at its worse. Regardless if the country has a bad leader or not, the US has no business trying to takeover a land that does not belong to them. But we all know this is what they do.

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