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The US Mainstream News is all Horrible News


Posted on 30 Jun 2019 

There is nothing good being reported by the news media and even the so-called good news has a twist or a catch that is worse than the original problem. This is the new reality of this country self-destructing right before the eyes of the world.

The Supreme Court has been bought and paid for. The lawmakers and legislators are strengthening laws against average people by enforcing laws that make a few people wealthier. Police, lawyers, and judges are abusing their power; agency leaders are doing whatever they want with the agency they lead by making policies that benefit the agency, not the people they are suppose to serve.

The president is crazy, the senate and house leaders are resistant to any change for the better and holding on to prestige, power and wealth, while the people are waiting for relief. There is corruption in leadership, fraud, cheating, money laundering, and the power and lobby to make things worse. These are the headlines.

People are regularly killing each other with guns; there is a constant threat of war with another country, and there are constant warnings of future death and destruction of the world by climate change. Racism is rampant, hate is growing; people are overdosing on drugs, dealing drugs in clear view, legally and illegally.

People are being deported back to countries they never lived in; armed government agencies are rounding up people like they are chattel and locking them in prisons, detention centers, and concentration camps, while next-door neighbors are cheering them on, and children are being held in cages.

Voting rights, civil rights, and every other human right is slowly being taken and it seems no one cares. Religious leaders are being exposed as frauds, hypocrites and liars; people are actually fighting openly and proudly to make things worse, oppress more people, and increase violence and hatred.

In so many words programmed for the indoctrinated ear, the news media is telling the American citizen that the future is grim, yet they do not seem to care one bit. As long as they are getting paid to scare the hell out of everyone.

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