Nazi Germany white Boys is at it Again

No one can live in peace when there are ignorant white boys anywhere in the vicinity. White boys who for some reason believe they are humanly superior to other races and cultures of people. What in their mind is telling them this to the point they have to try and prove it by terrorizing others?

It is an offense when people have to adjust their lives and lifestyle based on threats from ignorant people. Like here in America, some Blacks folks try to live by a set of rules when going out in public. No hoodies, no dreds, look professional, stay out of certain neighborhoods or risk going to jail. These rules of modern Jim Crow are unnecessary and should be ignored by any Black person with a sense of dignity and who could give a damn what white folks thought.

Apparently though, this is happening in Germany also, where "a German government official has advised Jewish people to avoid wearing yarmulkes in parts of the country amid rising incidents of anti-Semitism."

Because some white boys cannot seem to come to a realization that they are not superior, everyone else has to bow to their insecurities? No one thinks so. The narrative in every country should be to reform these pagan brats and make them conform to the world of diversity.

Even the "German Chancellor Angela Merkel said in an interview airing Tuesday that police have to guard every synagogue, Jewish school and day care center in her country."

This is ridiculous and should not be tolerated by any country, unless that country has claimed absolute rights to become the first all white nation on the planet. If white folks cannot live alongside other people then maybe they should live alone dammit!

Once again, Jews have to watch their backs in Germany like Blacks have to watch their backs on American soil all because some white boy has low self-esteem. It will not be long before these people will have no land or country at all to claim as their home.