Fascism is in Your Face

Full blown fascist countries restrict citizens from speaking against the government and any government authorities. Citizens are jailed and sometimes killed to send a message to the others. The United States is now in the last phase of fascism.

The lines became blurred during the inauguration of this president when scenes of protesters wearing all black smashed windows in downtown D.C. and the police did nothing. It was not that the police were not around, they were simply following orders.

The plan was to allow for the establishment of an anti-government movement to grow and then label them as such. This way, when the bonafied racist and white supremacist hit the streets the government could point to both movements and equate them as the same.

"The FBI is currently investigating nearly 850 people across the United States as possible domestic terrorists, including many white supremacists and anti-government Americans. FBI Assistant Director Michael McGarrity emphasized that "domestic terrorism" -- often rooted in racially-motivated extremism, anti-government extremism or environmental extremism," is growing faster.

Out of the "850 domestic terrorism investigations currently underway inside the United States, about 40 percent target subjects who adhere to racist ideologies, and "a significant majority" of them are white nationalists or white supremacists. The vast majority of the other cases involve subjects who promote anti-government or anti-authority sentiments, according to McGarrity."

The logic behind this move by the FBI is clear; they are setting the stage to criminalize the anti-government movement more than the actual terrorist who are white supremacist; the ones who actually kill and terrorize people. To them, criticizing the government is more dangerous than walking around with a semi-automatic weapon to use on your neighbor.

History has shown that governments prepared to install authoritarian leaders who enforce fascist laws move slowly, right under the eyes of the people. This is one of those moves. Before you know it, people who have a problem with the government and their fascist agenda will be considered terrorist and those who kill people for sport will be considered patriots.