Prolife Should Mean Always Caring for Life

The dilemma behind the abortion fight has its flaws on both sides. One side, the Prolifers claim no one should abort their baby under any circumstances while the Prochoicers claim that women have the ultimate right over their own bodies to decide. Neither side seems concerned about the mother or the child afterward.

In the current political wars on abortion, the case in Alabama is the most extreme. Doctors are threatened with 99 years prison time and mothers are threatened with jail time also, even if the abortion is the result of rape or incest. The problem here is they have no plan for the mother or child after the child is born, and their obsession with imprisonment is clear.

"State Senator Linda Coleman-Madison proposed an amendment to the bill that would require the state to provide free prenatal and medical care for mothers who had been denied an abortion by the new law. Her amendment was struck down by a vote of 23-6."

The abortion fight is out of sheer spite without true concern for the child or the mother. It is an attempt to get Roe vs. Wade overturned by the Supreme Court; a political battle between the two parties to see who can win, while mothers and children are suffering every day.

Many children are born to single mothers who struggle with raising the child, getting very little support from lawmakers who make laws to restrict public aid for them. The family has been tore apart with help from the government using child support and alimony laws that cripple fathers by taking rights from them which leaves the mother to fend for herself many times.

The school system is being gutted by the new administration leaving children with fewer options for a good education. Schools are lunch-shaming children who cannot afford school lunch, and parents are overworked and underpaid with little time to spend with their children.

Social service programs have been cut back over the last 20 years to the point that single mothers and even two parent families have to work low-paying jobs and still need public assistance. In an attempt to even out the abortion ban decision, "State Senator Vivian Davis Figures proposed three amendments to the bill, one which would require a Medicaid expansion to provide funding for mothers and their young children, another that would require those who voted for the bill to pay for the legal costs of defending it in court and a third to make it illegal for a man to get a vasectomy. All of the amendments were voted down."

The Prolife crowd is the worse at protecting women and providing for them and their children afterward because they are the supposed champions of life yet show little effort to help provide for single mothers or families. Instead, they lambast single mothers as taking advantage of government programs and fathers whom the courts have deemed deadbeat, and negligent, then both are legally penalized, including the children.

Next, the prolifers will go after birth control, contraceptives, and even women and men who have medical procedures done to prevent child bearing. The issue is not actually pro or con abortion or life; it is a political fight for power without real concern for the children caught up in the fight.