Thu April 18 2019

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Flint Finally Getting Some Government Help

We all know the root problem with the Flint water crises was how the government diverted water from Lake Huron, a natural source of fresh water, to the Flint River, a polluted source of water. In the below proposal, it does not look like they are trying very hard to return to a fresh water source.

America Spends on War, but Not on the Future

For more than 70 years the United States has funded war efforts around the world. Billions to build a powerful military and billions rebuilding countries they have destroyed. Yet they refuse to invest in their own country.

White Supremacist Hate Everybody

Black Americans are not the only group of people who are targets of white hate and violence. Muslims, Jews, and Hispanics are on their list also. Should these groups consider whether there is something wrong with them, or with the white supremacist?