Contact Tracing will turn into Full-Blown Fascist-Racist Nazism

Behind the scenes of the all-but-innocent contact tracing app being developed by Google and Apple, and promoted by the CDC, is a conniving scheme to profile anyone who would be considered anti-government, anti-white, or just plain brown.

On the surface it seems harmless as a way to combat the rise of coronavirus spread and to protect the public, but eventually, this technology will be used to track people for any other reason than what it was meant for. How will it do that? First understand what contact tracing is:

What exactly is contact tracing?

Contact tracing tracks down anyone who might have been infected by a person who was recently diagnosed so those contacts can quarantine themselves and prevent further spread.

"In contact tracing, public health staff work with a patient to help them recall everyone with whom they have had close contact during the timeframe while they may have been infectious," the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said.

"Contacts are provided with education, information, and support to understand their risk, what they should do to separate themselves from others who are not exposed; monitor themselves for illness, and the possibility that they could spread the infection to others even if they themselves do not feel ill."


Think about this system for a moment and substitute some choice words such as "infected." This word could easily become "resistant," and the word "quarantine" could easily become "imprisoned." The hired hands (staff) to do that actual tracing could become "police, FBI, or ICE agents" and those exposed to someone could become "suspects" or "persons of interest."

Furthermore, contacts "suspects" are then set aside from the public to be monitored by government agents and agencies such as the CDC, FBI or state police. The staff has all the information they need on an infected or resistant person and passes this information on to the people they run into on a daily bases; jobs, grocery stores, neighborhood parks, ect.

This is classic brown-shirtism in which Nazi citizens were given special authority to report Jews to the German government. Once the Jews were profiled and tracked down, they were gathered up and executed. Not to say this technology would go that far in America in 2020, but the path is clear and the groundwork is being set.

How does the process work?

A long list of questions followed: "Who have I seen in the last two weeks? Where was I in the last two weeks? Who was I in contact with? Where do I work?" Driscoll recalled.

After that, her coworkers in Ohio had to be contacted. So did a restaurant where she had gone for lunch. And a hair salon that she had visited. And also those who sat near her at a Cleveland Cavaliers game.

But when contacts are notified, they aren't told who was diagnosed with coronavirus. Contact tracers use a variety of methods, including phone calls, emails and social media messaging.

This is going to cause a lot of problems among family members, friends, coworkers and employer/employee relations. It is going to boil down to race relations in the long run when the minds of racist and belligerent white folks learn to use it against Blacks or other minorities who they deem "infected" or resistant. The police, politicians, healthcare providers, and other such authority figures that have access to your private information will use this against individuals to control their comings and goings and eventually who they can come in contact with.

This is evil and should not be used by the average person against their fellow neighbor. Authorities are advertising this system as a job for people who have been hard-hit economically with promotions like:

How do I apply to become a contact tracer?

"There's no centralized approach to the hiring process. So people have to go to their states and local health departments and the CDC Foundation," Harvey said.

"Most states and county health departments are advertising open positions right now," he said.

"You can go to your state health department website and look for job postings. You can also go to the CDC Foundation's website."


Please advise that this system will begin as a ploy to protect Americans from infection but could easily be used for social control. Who knows how much more Google and Apple will enhance this program to gather other information on people or to what end they and government authorities will use it?

Stay woke!