How to Live and Raise Children in a Racist Country

Apparently, there are no signs that white Americans are remotely attempting to make change in its policies of inequality, hypocrisy, and hate. Therefore, there are fundamentals that every Black and brown person must know to survive in a country and among a people who are insistent on maintaining the fallacy of white superiority.

Black Americans, Native Americans, Hispanics, American Muslims, Asians, and all other people who draw their genes from continents of color are faced with a power structure in America that ignores justice, civility, or respect on a daily basis. So, in order to maintain civility within one's self, here are a few fundamental concepts that will help individuals mentally overcome the ignorance on display in American society.

Simply knowing the following fundamentals will free the mind of any imbedded inferiority complexes, inadequacies or powerlessness against the inflated entitlement of white egoism. Psychologist record and many have repeated that oppression is mental more than physical. While death is the only liberation to physical bondage, knowledge is the key to defeating mental oppression.

First, know beyond a doubt that this land does not rightfully belong to European whites. The governmental structure is theirs, but the land is not, which nullifies all arguments of others returning to their homeland; because if physical existence is the threat to them, then they belong in Europe where they originated. Always remind them of this fact of nature.

Second, all people of color have the moral high ground over their ideologies of white superiority, because if they were superior, not only would they have the wisdom to denounce hate, but they could morally show no hate. Money, power and violence is their definition of superiority, which makes their civility inferior as humans.

Third, history is evidence of their inhumanity which is why they are currently attempting to erase and change history, and always have. Simply find, collect and hoard books written before 1980 - in any given subject - and anyone can find facts related to their global atrocities. Teach this technique to your children and history will never be lost.

Next, trust in a higher power, deity, or God. History has also shown that Europeans of Greek, Saxon and Roman genetics were empty of spiritual enlightenment and have always tried to eliminate, alter, or copy the belief systems of older nations and cultures. Carefully discern whites who claim spirituality because one trait of true spirituality is a genuine concern for and connection to other humans of any race, creed, or religion.

Also, remember and remind them that over the last 250 years, the United States and its European allied NATO collective has been at war all over the world with nearly every country more than they have been at peace. There have been only 15 or so years of peace with the world and the rest has been killing, looting, and occupying other smaller, weaker nations.

Then, once these things are known and implanted in the mind, live your life in their world as any normal human being would. However, expect injustice, bigotry, hypocrisy, corruption and discrimination and maybe even violence from them because it is the only way they know how to function as a people. Not to say they are all the same, but many are being swayed in the racist direction and will willingly go along for fear of retaliation and public shaming from the rest. Do not be surprised when they convert and enjoy the perks of racism themselves. They always have.

Get up, get dressed and go to work. Do your job, mind your business and return home with a peace of mind focused only on your family. Refrain from involving yourself in the affairs and personal lives of white Americans because it could lead to disappointment, financial problems, illnesses, family dysfunction, jailtime or even death.

Be polite but expect contempt. Live honest and be on guard against false accusations. People of color are watched, stereotyped, surveilled, and accused all the time, not because they are dishonest and whites are honest (because we know that whites are guilty of the most heinous of crimes). But live honest because it ultimately pays off and gives a peace of mind and conscience and teaches children the same in addition to assuring them added protection against the systems of racial injustice designed and awaiting them.

Home school your kids or start a home school community of parents of color. Whites believe people of color are unclean as taught by their pastors. They do not want their kids around yours neither do they want to live near Blacks or others. This is not a reflection or fault on anyone but them and testifies to their bigotry and ignorance to other cultures. Let them rot in ignorance while you and your children teach and learn the ways of humanity.

Keep drivers licenses clean and pay all fines to protect against warrants. Police love to run license checks to find warrants and justify killing a person of color. Keep yourself clean of alcohol and drugs. These are poisons of Euro-inventions and pollutants of the body. Eat right to avoid illnesses, medications, and hospitals, where whites have a system of genocide in place. Also, start your own business and avoid working for them.

Never stay silent against injustice, always speak up; however, ignore name-calling, racist symbolism and outward shows of bigotry and never allow these acts to become physical altercations. Provocation is an art to white people and their intension is to force a person of color to react because they know the police are on their side. Record and walk away.

Self defense is a God-given right and a response of human nature. The key is to let them throw the first punch. Depending on the spiritual maturity of the person of color, some will inevitably fight back while others will submit to non-violence as a show of higher morality and the exposing of white ignorance, hate, and violence. Another response is to take the beating and wait for the right time to get revenge. Overall, get a book on dealing with bullies.

Finally, please realize that your vote has no power. They are going to do whatever they want to do regardless of your vote. There is no democracy in America, please realize that. Instead, prepare for the next phase of this country, which is authoritarianism, where Blacks and other people of color will face extraordinary injustices and persecution at the hands of a primitive euro-population just to sustain the white complex.

Arm yourselves, because white America has resorted to citizen vigilantism and police-state violence and murder. Meaning, it has literally come down to your life or theirs. However, if you believe in God stay prayed up and you can be protected and delivered from the evil they will execute, and in the meantime watch as their fallacy of white supremacy crumbles by the consequences of natural law and the vengeance of God.

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