How to Maintain Sanity and Truth in a Land of Legal Lies

Black America must realize that the United States' political system, backed by the judicial system, is continuing in a tradition of systemic racism behind the new laws being written by the new-age authoritarian lawmakers. This is psychological warfare on a deeper level.

Lawmakers are writing laws not particularly based on white supremacy beliefs and racism, but on lies, fear, and personal prejudices that mask white supremacy. They are no longer writing laws as blatant as Jim Crow (such as white-water fountains and colored water fountains) because that was too black and white, and those laws revealed the truth about who they really are.

So, because they can no longer hide the truth from history, they are now writing laws that are still upholding that truth but are based on lies. And their voters choose to believe those lies as long as it masquerades the truth about who they really are. This is called cognitive dissonance. The laws say they are right, but their behavior says the opposite.

A perfect example is the second amendment. They have purposely misinterpreted this amendment from its original meaning and made it a personal right for everyone (mainly whites worded as rights for all) in order to put guns in the hands of young white men, in hopes these guys will shoot and kill people of color on a mass level. They have also given vigilante rights for white people to shoot and kill Blacks who they feel threatened by, who challenge their white authority, or who are in their neighborhoods.

From this misuse of the law, there are now militias and white gangs (Proud Boys, Patriot Front) who roam the streets as patriots defending American freedom from a threat the media has warned them are taking their country away. This is an extended lie that gives justification to the second amendment lie. And this is why lawmakers have not classified these government-sanctioned hate groups as domestic terrorist.

This is also why the US paramilitary police forces have not been brought under control by the government because they look to them to continue to murder Blacks on a one-by-one body count in the streets. They have trained the local news teams to scare the hell out of white people in the suburbs to justify these genocidal murders and desensitized citizens to what is actually happening; systemic and selective genocide.

Furthermore, they have lied about Critical Race Theory (CRT), to convince moms and white dads that people of color - backed by the government - are seeking to indoctrinate their children with Marxism and socialism when CRT is merely a history lesson on American racism. As a result, anti-CRT activist have been elected to school boards to monitor any books or lessons that teach how racist their parents and grandparents were in the past. Shame is the result of the exposed truth of a wrong-doing.

Teachers are afraid to teach. Librarians are afraid to library, Black teachers are under assault and school boards councils have resigned their seats to people who choose to believe these lies and are out to enforce a type of propaganda curricula to teach their white children that America has always been a good, Christian nation. This too, is a lie.

They are also using this lie in corporate boards rooms by discarding diversity training which protect Black and minority workers from employment discrimination that remains pervasive in corporate America. By hiding behind a fabricated political theory of Marxist indoctrination, lawmakers have built a legal wall to protect them against their own acts of racism. And they have judges to enforce these laws and lies, appointed by the racist in chief.

To heighten the fears of suburban moms and dads, right-wing politicians and activist have lumped homophobia with CRT, this way, when whites think of CRT, they associate it with homosexuality, transgenderism, and pedophilia, as a threat to their children. And they call it all together "WOKISM."

Once they have gathered together the empty vessels that choose to believe in these lies, they top it off with the lie of voter and election fraud, which was invented by the former president who simply cannot stand to lose. Now, all right-wing candidates seeking office can claim fraud if the votes do not come their way. Never mind even if they win, then it is not fraud, it is only when they lose. This is also a systemic movement based on a lie.

So, to tame the voters (black ones in particular because they are associated with the WOKE movement and vote against right-wing policy) they have learned to redraw voting maps and districts and get them approved by the courts and the bigoted judges that sit in the seats of American justice. All because they are afraid they will lose power and Blacks and other minorities will take them to task for their centuries of cruelty toward them. This is also a lie. No one is seeking revenge against them.

Laws are written that enforce all these lies because this nation has abandoned truth, honesty, facts, reason and logic. They come up with excuse after excuse to justify the corruption and lies to the extent that the excuses are so foolish that they cannot see how stupid they are. Such as, arming teachers with guns, selling bullet proof back packs to children, burning books while the internet and home libraries still exist, forbidding passing out water to long lines of voters, and accusing everyone except conservatives of being pedophiles.

The lies have become so pervasive and engrained into the psyche of whites that even the church (evangelical churches to be exact) have fallen to the cognitive dissonance and deceit that these lies have created. They have lost a sense of truth and of the teachings of the savior they claim to champion. The lies run so deep that they are against debt forgiveness, social justice, the truth about history, how to appreciate a fair election, and even the value of life; Black lives in particular.

Black America must lock into truth and not be persuaded by the lies and unjust laws that this country has normalized as law and truth. The day will come when individuals will be approached with one of these illogical laws and will have to answer or react. The best thing to do is to maintain sanity and truth in the mind and stand strong against the lie.

Purchase and collect old books by Black authors; older American history books and history books from other countries and go over them with your children. Read spiritual text and proverbs that teach the concept of truth and what is right and wrong and meditate on these things. These new lies are not just legal lies, but demonic lies meant to confuse the human spirit, and are equivalent to the image of white Jesus that was published and widely distributed throughout the world as a deception. Lastly, regardless of an individual's religious beliefs, pray for a sense of truth, reality, and discernment of good and evil.

"...the LORD hath a controversy with the inhabitants of the land, because there is no truth, nor mercy, nor knowledge of God in the land. By swearing, and lying, and killing, and stealing, and committing adultery, they break out, and blood toucheth blood. Hosea 4:1, 2.

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