The Truth about America is Revealed behind this One Headline

Many major news media outlets, such as The Hill that published this article, are polling Americans about whether or not they are in favor of impeaching the president. According to the results, "About 37 percent of Americans polled favored starting impeachment proceedings in Congress, a slight drop from last month, while 56 percent oppose efforts to oust the president."

If the results are true, they expose a disturbing reality about this country. On the other hand, there is a chance the results are fabricated, which exposes another truth about America. So either way, the hidden message behind this poll is frightening.

If the results are true, that means there are more Trump supporters out there than we think. It means any gains in civility over the past 50 years are lost and has dropped to a level not seen since Jim Crow, and adherence to the Constitution and the so called "rule of law" are no longer realistic standards within the social structure.

The fact that people are unconcerned about how this president is running the country regardless of the laws he breaks, the Presidential traditions and Congressional rules he has disregarded or the structure-breaking policies he has pushed through, they still do not find that enough to drag this man from the White House to save Democracy; and that is disturbing.

However, if the poll is not true, that means the corporate news media is driving public opinion using false and manipulated data, i.e., propaganda, to deceive the people. This means that the people have officially lost all power and say in how the country is being run and are at the mercy of large corporations and the wealthy.

Ask anyone within earshot if they want to get rid of this president and nine times out of 10, they will say hell yes. Call-in radio shows, youtubers, podcasters, bloggers, facebookers and people on the street are overwhelmingly for removing this president. There are actually only a small minority of people (in real life) who do not. But the mainstream media will never tell you that because it is against their interest.

The idea behind manipulating public opinion is to keep this president in office so he can continue to push policies of the wealthy and racism for his base. The underlying fact being America has sifted out the concept of peace, freedom and opportunity and replaced it with an authoritarian ruler backed by a small minority of power-hungry minions.