What Americans Can Expect from the Next Republican Administration

From the looks of the appetite of Republican leaders and followers, if they take back power in 2024, (White House, Congress and Senate), here is a snapshot of what future America will look like.

Though they speak highly of the Constitution, the Founding Fathers, and a person's patriotic duty to their country, their actions are revealing something more sinister. From the agenda and playbook of Donald Trump, his minions - including Congress people, state legislators, justices, law enforcement and some military leaders - and all who work beneath them and are loyal to the him, from their current actions in real time, they are vigorously working to dismantle Democracy.

For anyone born and raised before 2000, forget the country you know and prepare for a society based on the following form of government:

The Trumpian Gospel and New American Bill of Rights:

  1. No more religious freedom, except for white Christians and whatever they interpret as what Jesus would say or do. Islamic worship (this includes Mosques and Temples), will be severely diminished or demolished; say goodbye to Hanukah, Buddhism, Kwanza and any other religion that does not depict or elevate the white Jesus, white God, and Santa Clause because Republicans will feel threatened and persecuted.
  2. No more freedom of speech. There will be laws that if someone is found speaking against Trump or his predecessor, they will be publicly singled out and brought before a court of Trumpian judges; and no one knows how white and privileged they may feel that day. (Think Texas abortion bounty hunters). If the person is a social gatekeeper such as a Politician or celebrity, they will be scorned to high hell by the new state media. (How about 10 Fox News channels). Which brings us to our next restriction.
  3. No more freedom of the press. Trumpians hate the media. Say good riddens to CNN, MSNBC and any progressive Youtube channels and influencers, radio stations, and talk shows. They will be sued, lied on and financially persecuted in brutal ways, with help from the wealthy who control state media now. If CNN and MSNBC happens to survive, the anchors will be replaced with a bunch of Tucker Carlsons and Laura Ingrams.
  4. No more freedom of assembly. This includes peaceful protest, marches in the street, signed petitions, (online or off), organized activist groups who look out for the people, and this may come with laws that restrict who can apply for a non-profit license and the kind of organization they can form. Expect vicious and military-force police interaction - possibly even more murders by police (especially of people of color and some whites) who are protected by governmental immunity - against anyone that decides to not comply with curfews or the new laws against peaceful assembly. (Think laws that protect running over protesters with cars and trucks).
  5. Much more Right to Bear Arms, unfortunately. Expect guns everywhere; in schools by teachers, and students (because Republicans will probably feel students should be able to protect themselves against CRT teachers and class-mates), school bus drivers, the lunch lady; grocery stores cashiers, flight attendants, fast food workers, toll booth workers, the guy who lurks throughout the movie theater, grandma and grandpa, and anyone else who has at least 1 arm. Expect militias (sissified, momma's white boys and commando Karens on steroids) to roam the streets on guard for anyone or anything that looks dark enough to accuse and murder.
  6. No more due process of the law. Your fate will be up to whoever deems you are a threat to them right there on the spot, in the name of self defense and cowardness. To hell with the courts, trials by jury, speedy trials, the bail system, lawful and reasonable searches and seizures, forget all of that crap, the Republicans believe they are right and everyone else in the world is wrong, and those who are not white and Republican, deserve to die.
  7. If there be any other laws or amendments the so-called founding fathers documented 200 plus years ago, it is all null and void to today's Republican Party. Political corruption, bribery, nepotism, worker exploitation, tax evasion, Swiss bank accounts, money laundering, treason, sedition; is all good now and what they believe it takes to form a more perfect union.

Say good bye to things thing also:

  1. Food stamps and Medicaid - Republicans do not believe people need help, but believe corporations should get these benefits and more subsidies from tax-payers money.
  2. Social Security and Medicare - Republicans do not have parents on those type socialist, entitlement programs, because all their parents and grandparents are wealthy.
  3. Tax funded police departments to protect and serve - Police will be privatized and anyone with money, even home associations, can hire a militia or private security firm, trained to kill on sight and not skilled in de-escalation techniques or diversity training.
  4. Friendly neighborhood fire departments - All fire departments will be privatized also and if your house catches fire, it is probably your own fault so you are on your own to put out the fire. Republicans believe that the fire victim was probably doing drugs or cooking crack.
  5. National Parks - All national parks will be bought by billionaires, such as Bezos or Musk. They will charge people outrageously gouged fees to attend their space launches and whatever else erotic, twisted fantasy land imaginations they think about all day.
  6. Expect more toll roads on freeways
  7. No postal service - Take your mailbox down and get ring doorbell.
  8. No more government-backed loans (including VA), grants, or bonds.
  9. More wars
  10. No CIA, FBI, FEMA, EPA, CDC, FDA, OSHA: All these government agencies will be dismantled and turned over to who believes the complete opposite to what they stand for; like the Trump administration.
  11. No more public schools or free education: School from elementary to high school WILL COST MONEY, and private owners and schools will teach whatever they think is right.
  12. More prisons and drug rehab centers - depression and disparity will run rampant in urban, suburban, and rural communities.
  13. No more Fair elections - Whoever is president will forever be president.
  14. Dirty water and air: Without environmental regulations, (which the Republicans are against), prepare to eat and drink nasty and dangerous food and water.
  15. No more IRS: You are going to pay tribute to Trump (or whoever is in his place as president).
  16. No more unemployment insurance
  17. No more employer-based health insurance: You will pay into Medicare Advantage plans.
  18. No more public transportation: Call, work for or make and Uber friend.
  19. Expect a big ugly wall on the border, travel bans, and mass deportations.

This is the Republican agenda. They do not proclaim these things in public to the people, they secretly write laws to push society in this general direction. This is what the wealthy had Trump doing while the country watched him make a fool of himself. On a serious side note, all these things are meant to harm minorities and not white folks, unless they are ratted out by their children or are caught helping a minority.

However, in light of the color scheme of this new government, white people are not exempt from being treated like second class citizens in this new social order. If they submit to the Trumpian Gospel they will survive and able to live a normal, maybe even a more privileged life. But they have to agree that the Republicans are right, and good, and God-fearing. Remember the Thanksgiving dinners with relatives after Trump won in 2016? This will be an everyday thing from now on, with family, friends and coworkers. If they can get through it, they will be recognized.

If there is anyone who can live this way more power to you. Unfortunately, some liberal and progressive people may switch over and become accustom to life as an oppressor. They may see the benefits of living on the supremacist side of American society and learn to suppress their compassion and erase their consciences. They may even agree on a new American history to teach their children and grandchildren. The problem is, however, that if the Trumpian Gospel makes its way mainstream, that means the day of tribulation has arrived and the mark of the beast has been distributed to all who believe in the beast.

Seriously, this is what the Republicans want in America. The wealthy is helping this agenda along because as you can see, it makes them money by exploiting the people. What they all fail to consider is that many people, millions, are not willing to live like this. The human spirit is wild and unpredictable and when backed into a corner, can come out dangerously angry, violent, and willing to die for what they believe.

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