Lies Have Fractured America: A Nation Divided Cannot Stand

The irony in the name United States of America cannot be clearer. America is far from united. In fact, it has entered a deeper, dark hole of division fueled by delusion. The depth at which this country is divided is revealed at its ideological core, and at this dark point only the absolute truth can revive its sanity.


This must be a joke; an experiment contrived by some mad scientist or wealthy mind who has run out of hobbies. It could be a Hollywood script being played out to some twisted climax being awaited by the population. Something is not right in the world of American reality. All of the above or either God has had enough.

The country is living under a political regime that possess two different ideologies. One side and its underlings claim America is a Republic and denies the concept of Democracy while the other half is blue in the face explaining the two are interchangeable. One side believes in a living Constitution while and other side argues to the contrary. The result being there are two Constitutions.

The Democrats and the Republicans are the same political party under two different names with the same goal in mind; world domination and white supremacy. And God has stepped in to remind them that neither party can have the best of both worlds any longer. Enters the Coronavirus.

Half the country does not believe in the virus and the other half has sworn to its deadly effects. As a result, some people wear a mask and some do not. Some businesses are open and some are not. Some people are dying and some are not. The virus has a color and a race in America, like everything else.

White people believe that the virus only effects people of color while at the same time white people are dying at extreme rates. Some people of color contract the virus and live and some die, which leaves a huge hole in the conscious of white logic and level of faith even as they hope and pray the former is true.

There are two different perspectives and narratives flowing from televised news. One leans to the right and the other to the left. Both claiming the other is fake. Information is distorted so badly that viewers flock to other alternative sources of news, which are filled with mixed and incomplete messages. Whole channels are devoted to proving the other channels wrong and chunks of the population only believe one side and refuse to even listen to the other.

The information desert has given birth to a population of people who choose to believe what makes them feel best. Conspiracies based on blatant falsehoods are now mainstream and in Congress representing a legitimate constituency. Alternative facts are a real thing even though it is based on outright lies. People have chosen to believe lies. This is called a reprobate mind.

God has turned this country over to themselves to believe whatever they want. Some watch their loved ones die of a virus they claim is fake while others call men who dress like women, ma'am. Parents have threatened to kill their children if they betray them and join the other side. Others see people commit crimes on camera and say it was not them and it did not happen while others saw it happen and refuse to prosecute the criminals because of the color of their skin.

There are people walking around their towns and cities with guns strapped to their hip and shoulders in extreme paranoia because they believe someone wants to take their guns away. They are prepared to kill anyone who they deem has that look in their eye and children are killing each other in mass amounts for the thrill of it. Then there are people who deny that it actually happens.

Big lies are believed by a large portion of the United States population. Truth is losing control because those who hold the truth are afraid to speak it in the face of gun-toting, angry, conspiracy theorist. The sad part is that those who are supposed to know and uphold the truth believe the same lies that have been told.

The religious leaders of this country are blind and cannot see the truth. They willingly reject it and preach what they believe should be. They lie because they say God is going to do something but He does not do what they say He was going to do, which makes what they said, a lie. Therefore, the opposite must be true but they refuse to acknowledge the truth.

People are dying of Coronavirus. People are dying of gun violence. The police are killing people and getting away with it. The democratic process of voting is supposed to work and has for hundreds of years until now. There is supposed to be one truth in the news if facts are used; but facts do not matter anymore. Lack of truth has seriously fractured America, and a nation divided will soon fall.