We Have No King but Caesar: Half of American Christians Denounce Christ

In the last hours before the crucifixion of Christ, the governor of Rome, Pontius Pilate, attempted to clear himself of the killing of Jesus by confirming with the Jews rather Jesus was their king or not. They rejected him as their king and cried out, "We have no king but Caesar."

With this declaration, Israel denounced Jesus as the Messiah and Savior and pledged their allegiance to Caesar, the King of Rome. The same thing has happened here in the United States, where millions of MAGA followers have proclaimed Trump as their Messiah, carelessly denouncing Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

This allegiance comes not only from the hard cord MAGA base, but from high-ranking politicians and other Trump loyalist who would just as well vote for him again in 2024. Many have admitted that this following has become a religion. Even from the pulpits of evangelical churches, preachers have claimed that Trump is the "Son of Man," and have fused the Constitution with scripture as a new doctrine.

The most important distinction between this new religion and the gospel of Christ is the difference in Christian character, behavior, and ideology. Truth has no merit in the new religion. Lies have taken hold. Compassion is lacking and new enemies have been created who are supposedly against their doctrine, and there is no real righteousness except their own definition of what is right and wrong. No justice, selective law and order, and tough love instead of neighborly love is supreme.

Though the evangelical preachers and politicians claim they want this country to be a Christian Nation, this opposition to the laws and gospel of Christ is the result of a spell cast by a new age sorcerer who has captured the minds of millions of people who are willing to kill, on command, their neighbors, perceived enemies, and anyone who they deem demonic.

Yes, demonic activity plagues this country, but this new movement of Christ-denouncing Christians have added a new demonic force. One that is reprobate in mentality, void of common sense, and a champion of violence, murder, and a perverted sense of what is right and wrong.

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