Zuckerberg Backs Trump, Trump Backs white Supremacist; therefore, Facebook is white Supremacy

Mark Zuckerberg is the child of white privilege and does not understand the world. All he understands is the world of wealth and white privilege and has no connection with the real world and how real people live; which is why he sees no wrong in supporting Trump.

The Facebook platform began as a venue for college students and has ended up as a political force for white supremacy and divisiveness. He has clearly taken sides against the people and those who demand equality in America.

Big business funds Facebook by advertising and many small businesses have followed suit by spending much of their profits on advertising on Facebook also. But like Walmart demolished many small Main Street, mom and pop businesses, Facebook does the same by giving priority to big business and politicians.

No one person or business who believes in justice, equality and human rights should spend money with a business that will not denounce white supremacy, nor should they spend their time on such a platform sharing their life and personal business to be exploited for wealth and profit.

Now is the time to close your Facebook account until they make a true change and get on the side of the people. Furthermore, until Facebook denounces white supremacy and stop financially supporting the worse president ever, no business, large or small, should give money to a cause we are all fighting to eradicate.