Afromerica Rest Its Case: Black America is not the Problem

In 2002, Afromerica set out to prove to Black America that racism was alive and well despite the widely-held belief that we should not "blame the white man" because of our inability to excel in American society. In endless articles and research, we pointed out that there are obstacles in place to keep Blacks from advancing but we were met with vehement backlash from many.

Black leadership was convinced by white leaders that the reason for Black failure was Black people themselves, and that we are a people incapable of competing because of a lack of motivation and dependence on the welfare state. They went as far as to comprise a scientific book, called the Bell Curve, aimed at proving Blacks were intellectually inferior to whites. And some Blacks believed it was true.

In hindsight, however, we can now see that illegal redlining of housing in the sixties and seventies, the flooding of drugs into thriving Black communities in the eighties and the push at massive incarceration of Black men in the nineties, were the cause of stagnant economic mobility of Black communities, broken families and the high Black prison population of today.

As a distraction from these attempts at naturalization, Black leaders were mentally steered, constrained and restricted to solutions such as voting, peaceful protest, economic boycotts and told by whites to try and infiltrate politics from the inside to make any real change. All the time the Black community was being systemically deprived and locked out of the so-called American dream.

In addition to the above disruptions, racism covertly thrived in corporate board rooms and the justice and political systems as whites shifted democracy into the hands of wealthy lobbyist and private, third party capitalist who were bribing politicians and designing America's supremacist future using new laws and policies. Currently, not only are Blacks locked out of the economic infrastructure, but other people of color and many low-income whites are too.

With the rise of the Internet after 2000 and the increase of social media, people were able to share information and data and could clearly see the corruption for what it really was. Once discovered, a new plan was instituted and the master distractor threw a Hail Mary by installing a Black president into office to throw Black leadership off their trail. This plan backfired, however, when resentful racism reared its head from the deepest rural and suburban parts of the country.

After eight years of Black leadership, unsatisfied white patriots blamed the Black president instead of the real culprits of a failing democracy and for their collapsing economic opportunities; which were the wealthy, Democratic globalism and the outsourcing of jobs. As a result, they elected a man after their own hearts; one who felt their pain and resentment and lashed out at the establishment with every racist and fascist bone in his body.

Now, as all can see, white supremacy is at the helm of the country followed by economic hardship, rampant sickness, and a country teetering on the brink of a civil war. The problem was there all along hiding in plain sight. Racism and greed, systemic injustice, and political corruption that for the last 40 years have finally returned as a harvest with a vengeance. So yes, we can blame the white man, Black America is not the problem, and Afromerica now rest its case.

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