The Concept of Rehabilitation Has Been Replaced with Maintaining Stock: A Critical Race Theory

Americans can now conclude that the point of prisons was never to rehabilitate the criminal, but to institute a new form of modern-day slavery for people of color. This conclusion is an admission to what Critical Race Theory proclaims, that the United States - in the present and in real time - practices systemic racism.

Instead of politicians and prison reformers working toward reducing criminal behavior, they have embraced policies and strategies to maintain the prison stock to keep this industrial complex working smoothly. Without ever suggesting ways to help inmates see the error of their ways and change for the better to become productive citizens, they have come up with alternate solutions on how to keep prisoners barely alive and submissive.

Now they have run into a situation they apparently did not consider when devising this inhumane system, which is labor shortages to maintain this monster. According to an article in Politico, a new system of prison surveillance was introduced in Nevada - to eventually spread nationwide - that would replace workers with robotize surveillance using drones.

"Employers are scrambling to find teachers and health care professionals but nearly all 50 states have long struggled to bring in enough security guards to oversee the nation's prison population of 1.2 million people. And in recent months the vacancy rates have skyrocketed as officers - frustrated by low pay, violent conditions, long hours, isolated work locations and routine exposure to Covid-19 - quit in droves.

This is a difficult situation that's been brewing steadily for decades, as a tough-on-crime attitude among politicians and the public led to longer sentences, dramatically growing prison populations. Then states were slow to invest in maintaining staff, the quality of facilities or programming that reduces recidivism.

Corrections officer isn't the only job that's difficult to fill in prisons. There's a major shortage of medical staff and social workers, which limits what services and programming is available to the people serving out their sentences. In Nevada, extreme staffing shortages and pandemic restrictions left inmates without adequate access to food, cleaning supplies or proper hygiene.

Factors like that are driving Nevada toward a novel approach: deploying drones to patrol the state's prisons and fitting the people serving time with surveillance bracelets." - SOURCE

In addition to the above useless solutions, other ideas include closing prisons, paying correctional officers more, and giving incentives in hiring. These are all ways to maintain the stock, not correct criminal behavior and reduce prison population and crime altogether.

One politician even suggested letting people out of prison as a solution, but this would not sit well with people in neighboring communities, letting criminals out. "For Jodi Hocking, founder of Nevada criminal justice nonprofit Return Strong, there's only one solution to the labor problem: Let people out of prison. "The answer in Nevada is decarceration," Hocking said. "The answer is not drones and bracelets." - SOURCE

Unfortunately, common sense does not compute with today's ignorant leaders. The most logical solution would be a preventive solution in the beginning by providing jobs and decent living standards to young people so they do not choose a life of crime. But this logic escapes people who are only out for profiting off human beings.

Again, this is a game played by wealthy investors and businesses who rely on cheap labor, police protection of their wealth, and to fulfill the barbaric need for power and control of the poor. Eventually they all will pay for their oppression of people of color and the poor when the system finally collapses under the weight of public resistance and refusal to cooperate in their crimes against humanity.

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