This Is the Face of a Neanderthal and a Huge Part of the Problem

This is a guy who believes in brutality, control of humanity by force and weaponry, and who cannot comprehend living life without having a gun in his hand. He lives in fear every day of his life of people of color, especially Black men. White guys like this are profiled by Hollywood as the persona of white masculinity and seen as a protector of white America against all people of color.

Little white boys want to grow up and be like this. They are taught that this is the definition of white manhood; other wannabe killers of humans (regardless of race) look up to this type and dream of carrying a badge and gun with the legal right to kill Black men who they claim causes them to fear for their lives on a daily bases.

White guys like this are given national media attention and a voice for white supremacy and racist violence against Black and brown people. They are praised as heroes and guys just doing their jobs when they shoot and kill human beings for no reason.

They are protected by America's law enforcement agencies and judicial system and set free even after they have brutalized and murdered someone while "fearing for their life." These are the type of men on television worshipped by blood thirsty white boys with anxious trigger fingers willing to kill the first Black man they consider a threat to them.

This guy, Bob Kroll, (He's the Minneapolis Police Union President and one of Minnesota's more outspoken supporters of President Donald Trump and took the stage with him at a 2019 campaign rally to praise the administration for "letting the cops do their jobs."), believes that police are not protected enough and that they should have a God-given right to kill whoever they feel should die at their hands. He says "I've Been Involved in Three Police Shootings Myself, and Not One of Them Has Bothered Me. Maybe I'm different."

In a report by The Intercept: "His comments underscore the rampant nature of police violence in the United States. The number of times police officers fire their weapons swamps the level of violence in most other countries, where authorities rely on nonlethal methods of coercion, persuasion, or control."

Not only does this man condone the use of deadly force against Black men but his opinion on the George Floyd murder engulfs the mindset of white cops all over the country.

"Kroll has been a central figure in the unfolding protests and riots following the killing of George Floyd by Minnesota police officer Derek Chauvin. In a letter to union members on Monday, Kroll called Floyd a "violent criminal" and described the ongoing protests as a "terrorist movement" that was years in the making, starting with a minimized police force. He railed against the city's politicians, namely Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey and state Gov. Tim Waltz, for not authorizing greater force to stop the uprising. "The politicians are to blame and you are the scapegoats," he wrote."

According to the Intercept, "on Tuesday afternoon, the Minnesota AFL-CIO called for Kroll's resignation, blaming him for his role in "[enabling] violence and brutality to grow within police ranks." Police forces across the country have been escalating violence against demonstrators; driving vehicles into crowds; firing rubber bullets, tear gas, and flash grenades at largely peaceful gatherings; and even killing a man in Louisville, Kentucky."

In addition, "Kroll's curious logic argued that the police should be held blameless for the costly settlements because the true blame rested with city attorneys, who didn't properly defend police officers when they were sued after fatal shootings."

"According to a 2015 Star Tribune report, Kroll clocked at least 20 internal affairs complaints during his three decades in the Minneapolis Police Department, "all but three of which were closed without discipline." There have also been several lawsuits against Kroll, detailing a long history of allegations of bigoted comments, including one that accused him of using excessive force against an elderly couple during a no-knock raid and another that accused him of "beating, choking, and kicking" a biracial 15-year-old boy while "spewing racial slurs."

Being trained not to use force is what's causing officers stress, Kroll said. "Certainly cops, it's not in their nature. So you're training them to back away," he said. "And it's just not a natural - that's where a lot of the stress does come from with the cops is not [having] the ability to grab somebody and say, no, step back or you're going to jail and if need be, by force."

In other words, he admits that the human nature of white men is to kill; their instinct is to draw blood by any means necessary and if they cannot do this to others, they will suffer PTSD. This is a sick mindset and one that must be denounced by everyone especially the media, who so loves to make these guys heroes.

"Kroll also mocked the concept of procedural justice, an institutional reform meant to reduce police use of force through diversity and anti-bias training, saying that it's an opportunity for people of color to get back at white men. He said that in his early days of training, the rule was to "ask them nicely to do something the first time," then give them a "direct, lawful order" to do so, and if they refuse - "you make them with force, that's how you get compliance."

"Those days are over," he said. "Now, it is ask them, love them, call, you know, give them their space and give them their voice. And this is what they're training new officers. Our cops went through that and they're going, 'Oh my God.' Yeah, procedural justice. And the theory behind it being that, you know, the white men have oppressed everyone else for 200 years. So it's their opportunity to get back."

Damn right. People are exhausted from the abuse of white men and the killing, lynching and murders of Black men all at the pleasure of white men who have no self-control or respect for human life. No one is going to continue to live under those circumstances and if it takes violence to beget violence, this is what they can expect as long as they continue their violence against Black communities.

Minneapolis Police Officers Federation did not respond to a request for comment.