Good Ole Boy Culture Testifies to Systemic Racism and a Sham Constitution

"We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justi...?" BS! As long as the DOJ allows the criminal regime of Donald Trump to walk smugly around these so-called fruited plains stuffing their faces with steak, caviar and liquor, the whole country can conclude that the US is nothing more than a criminal regime itself and has been since its founding.

According to mainstream American news media:

  1. Earlier this month, the House select committee investigating the Capitol siege alleged in a federal court filing that it had amassed evidence that Trump illegally schemed to stop the lawful transfer of power to President Biden.
  2. A D.C. federal jury convicted Guy Reffitt, a member of the far-right militia group the Texas Three Percenters, of obstruction despite claims of First Amendment rights to protest and assemble. Channeling Trump's possible defenses, Reffitt's lawyer argued to the jury that "Guy does brag a lot. He embellishes." The defense arguments did not impress the jury. Legal experts called the conviction just the "tip of the iceberg."
  3. The Justice Department has just obtained an indictment of "Enrique" Tarrio, leader of the Proud Boys. Tarrio stands charged with conspiracy even though he was not at the Capitol itself. The indictment charges that before leaving Washington, Tarrio met with Oath Keepers leader Stewart Rhodes, as well as others. He texted with someone unnamed about "revolution," and sent a plan called "1776 Returns" that called for the occupation of "crucial buildings" in Washington with "as many people as possible." Tarrio allegedly agreed with the texter, adding: "I am not playing games." If convicted, he faces a 20-year prison sentence. - SOURCE

But is this judicial evidence good enough to secure the so-called rule of law of the United States? Apparently not. The good ole' boy culture stretches all the way to the top and beyond.

Aww, we kind of feel sorry for Trump, the criminal GOP, and the insurrectionist because they white and they really don't mean to harm this country. They were just acting out like boys do. They just need some time out to think about what they did, that's all.

Do we really want to imprison these guys in an awful, dark prison with Black and Hispanic dudes, because you know they will get their assess handed to them on the inside. That's not fair. They're white and they don't deserve that type of treatment. You know they fragile.

Let's just stall and maybe the ignorant people of this country will forget about the whole thing and move on with their drudging, work-related lives. We'll throw them a stimulus check or something. Naw, they don't need that. Just lower the gas price a few pennies, that should take care of their memories.

Or, maybe we can give the DOJ the benefit of the doubt and believe they are going to drop the bomb right before the midterms. Are they this clever? One thing is for sure; the whole thing looks and smells vile, and with the history of this country, whiteness supersedes justice.

As God is as real as the tree out the window, if this man and his cabal walk away from these crimes, because of some sissified white-boy support group, may God have mercy on this country. They think Jan. 6 was bad? Wait until they see a national uprise. A revolution is brewing and they will regret it.

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