How the U.S.'s War on non-white People is Deepening their Troubles

We often read about past covert operations against nations and communities of non-white people perpetrated by the United States years after the damage has already been done. Classified documents and plots designed to neutralize or destroy indigenous groups solely for the purpose of Imperialist American interest are almost regularly unearthed and brought to the headlines.

American history hides heinous crimes of genocide and inhumane acts against innocent people only to be discovered later by the next generation or two, and we ponder; if only people had known about the plot at the time, someone could have done something about it.

Well those days are over; the U.S. no longer hide their crimes against humanity because they have intellectually fumbled and lost their ability to be discrete and the cleverness to be wise to do evil. In a struggle to maintain control against the rules of natural law, and how time and consequences eventually catches up, they have resorted to openly announcing their crimes without shame or remorse. This intellectual blunder is one their deception cannot rationalize any longer.

The natural law currently acting as a deflector to their cruelty is simple; when you persecute innocent people, it will come back to bite you in the ass. In the case of the U.S., their persecution of innocent people began centuries ago and has inadvertently returned to bite the moral and structural foundation of this country, extremely hard.

From unnatural gender relations to the murdering of unborn babies; to gun violence in families and public places, to corporate-sponsored drug use, sexual exploitation, germ-infested food products, high crimes of government corruption and endless wars, the U.S. is bleeding from an open, moral wound. Yet in their open shame and rebellion against natural law, they continue to pinpoint and persecute the innocent.

In this relentless drive of indignity and self-annihilation, white America proudly uphold the pillars of a false supremacy it believes is backed by a fictional God that champions the cruel and inhumane treatment of non-white people. This fallacy has driven them to do unspeakable things toward people who hold little to no threat to their ways of life.

Countries and nations even, suffer at the hands of weapons manufactured by corporate barons bent on profit at the expense of people of meager means; the exploded bodies of innocent people are simply mentioned on the evening news as their blood spill from the hands of those blind to true justice. Yet the U.S. remains perched on the wall indifference as their last morsel of strength.

The proof of this surfaced from under conservative wealth and power dating back decades of war, and peaked after the election of this last president and the administration under him. At the highest rankings of government, the plot to cripple non-whites after the Civil Rights Movement continues and is at the center of their policies. Right now, behind the rhetoric and propaganda of the news media are laws and strategies going into effect now that will show results in the next generation.

The constant appointment of conservative justices who hold a Jim Crow sense of justice will attempt to stifle Black progress in the near future. They will limit Hispanic power and wage Christian war against Muslim and Jewish communities all in the name of maintaining a failing white power structure. The idea is persecution of the innocent by any means necessary, even lying.

For instance; "at a Justice Department awards ceremony for police officers, Attorney General William Barr lashed at out certain "communities" he says fail to show police proper respect, and suggested that these citizens could be stripped of police protection."

This attempt to over-police and criminalize the Black community is not covert at all; it is blatant. However, results will surface in the next few years as police are justified and acquitted by the courts in killing innocent people for no reason other than nurturing their sense of white supremacy.

Only 1 year before this effort, "In his role as attorney general, Jeff Sessions pushed prosecutors to crack down on marijuana possession in states where it is legal and lobbied legislators to reverse federal protections for medical marijuana." Despite the voices of voters who overwhelming support marijuana legalization.

In addition to the above examples, there are countless other laws and policies now on the books that rolled back laws meant to liberate people from racial oppression:

  1. Police are almost four times more likely to use force against black people than against white people. Again rejecting the data, then-Attorney General Sessions eliminated training and supervision requirements for law enforcement seeking to obtain surplus weapons and equipment from federal agencies.
  2. Private prisons profit from the incarceration of human beings and house a greater share of immigrants and people of color than public prisons. In partnership with the Trump White House and in his capacity as attorney general, Sessions supported expanding the use of private prisons as part of the DOJ's immigration crackdown and renewed war on drugs campaign.
  3. Violent crime has declined significantly in recent decades. Yet, then-Attorney General Sessions ignored the data and instead peddled false narratives about crime to justify police crackdowns in communities of color.
  4. Data reveal that innocent African Americans or black Americans are seven times more likely to be convicted of murder than their white counterparts, partly due to insufficient and inaccurate forensic evidence. Forensic science is critical in closing racial disparities and ensuring justice is served. Despite its necessity, as attorney general, Sessions undermined efforts to improve the reliability of forensics by eliminating the National Commission on Forensic Science.
  5. Returning citizens, especially people of color, face systemic barriers to re-entry following incarceration. One of the key barriers to successful re-entry is housing. In his role as attorney general, Sessions threatened to shut down halfway houses and limit access to transitional services.
  6. While far too many police officers make the ultimate sacrifice, officer deaths in 2017 were the second-lowest in more than 50 years. Despite this, then-Attorney General Sessions misrepresented data about the rate of violence experienced by law enforcement to justify the overpolicing in communities of color.
  7. When low-income people, especially people of color, interact with the criminal justice system, they frequently face steep fines and fees and inordinate cash bail requirements that force them to remain in jail or enter into costly contracts with bond companies. Despite these problems, Sessions asked courts to disregard an Obama-era letter requesting them to be lenient and cautious of overcharging low-income defendants of color.
  8. Police reform agreements play a critical role in improving public safety and rebuilding trust between law enforcement and communities of color. Despite success under these agreements, then-Attorney General Sessions effectively barred the DOJ from investigating and addressing systemic law enforcement misconduct at the local level.
  9. The chief law enforcement officer of the United States should be fair, impartial, and devoted equal justice under law. As attorney general, though, Sessions exposed his backward views in racially charged statements about the importance of the "Anglo-American heritage of law enforcement."

The above are just examples of the threat against the Black community. The so-called supremacists have also targeted the Latino and Muslim community.

"In April 2018, then-Attorney General Sessions announced a draconian zero-tolerance immigration policy of prosecuting anyone who arrives in the United States without documentation-even families seeking asylum. This policy resulted in the separation of more than 2,600 children from their parents. Despite public outcry, a federal court order, and evidence that deterrence doesn't work, the administration has failed to reunite all of the separated families months after the reunification deadline. The zero-tolerance policy remains on the books today.

Over the past two years, the Trump administration has advanced three versions of its xenophobic Muslim ban. This policy puts thousands of refugees' lives at risk and undermines the national security of the United States. Yet, the DOJ under Sessions repeatedly defended these efforts and successfully secured support from conservatives on the U.S. Supreme Court to let the travel ban take effect."

"Hate crimes and white nationalist extremism are a resurgent threat to communities of color. But instead of expanding resources to combat hate, Sessions asked Congress to eliminate the DOJ's Community Relations Service, which is dedicated to addressing racial tensions and preventing hate crimes."

"Voter purges are a devious suppression tactic designed to keep people of color by the thousands from voting by targeting them for removal from lists of registered voters. Instead of defending American citizens' fundamental right to vote, the Sessions DOJ urged the Supreme Court to greenlight harmful purges nationwide."

Not only are these draconian laws passed in the public eye based on nothing more than hate toward non-white people, they are also based on lies and stereotypes. The attacks are baseless and without cause, which is where natural law thrives to fulfill its will. The perpetrators literally make up untruths and pass them off as legitimate news stories, which they falsely use as public support to pass more extreme racists laws.

These people exert hours, days, and even years literally contemplating how to destroy innocent people and will go to extremes of financial and technological efforts to make the lies true and realistic in their minds and in the minds of an unsuspecting and illiterate public. When they are supposed to make life easier for all Americans, they are carving out protection for whites only.

Yet, as sophisticated as their blueprint of intellectual domination are, they lack the most simplistic awareness in their strategy, which is the natural law of recompense. They cannot compute the basic theorem that the reason they have so many problems is because they have, for centuries, enacted war against innocent people. In other words, they destroy themselves in an attempt to destroy others.

The lie of the "Black Identity Extremist" is another such example that backfired so fast and that turned the tables of persecution, when one of their own realized that the lie was too obvious and needed to be dialed back.

"The Federal Bureau of Investigation's director said the bureau has abandoned the term "black identity extremism" as part of a broad reconceptualization of how it thinks about racially motivated crime.

In testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, FBI director Christopher Wray said the bureau has replaced an array of categories that it once used to describe and track violent extremism with the broader designation "racially motivated violent extremism."

The term "black identity extremism" drew scrutiny from civil rights leaders and others over concerns that it delegitimized activism against police violence and drew a false equivalence with white supremacy.

In a controversial move, the bureau has stopped characterizing white supremacy-which Democrats say poses a growing violent threat-as a separate category, considering all racially motivated violent extremism as a single broad category.

Mr. Wray acknowledged that many domestic terrorism arrests involved white supremacy. Many such cases "are motivated by some version of what you might call white supremacist violence," Mr. Wray said in his testimony."

Yet, even after the exposing of the lie and the attempt to correct the injustice, this administration continues to pursue its goal under the guise of another name. "The Black Identity Extremist label is baseless, and earlier this year, bureau director Wray testified that the label is no longer in use. But, based on these documents, it appears that the FBI simply renamed the label. Even more, the documents show the bureau implemented a program, titled 'IRON FIST,' to target department resources on spying, surveilling, and investigating Black activists, including through undercover agents."

"There is no indication that IRON FIST or any other programs used to target Black people for surveillance have been dismantled. Instead, these documents suggest that the FBI under Trump continues to prioritize criminalizing Black dissent while minimizing the threat of white supremacy," said Steven Renderos, co-director of MediaJustice.

The effort by Europeans and white American racist to erase Black and brown people from the face of the earth has not worked since their inception and never will. Instead, the whites who perpetrate such crimes against humanity are now dying off and falling under the weight of their own lawlessness and corruption. All of the horrendous accusations they spew against non-white people have returned to them and taken hold of their own morality and manifested within their own lives.

For every stereotype they lay to the charge of non-white countries and communities, that stereotype have become them: murderers, thieves, rapist, drug abusers, untrustworthy, dishonest, violent, and any other name or slander they have attached to non-whites, that stereotype have spread as cracks in the foundation of their own nation and western world. Proof is in the headlines around the world, every day.