America's Problems are not real; they are Psychosomatic

What did you actually see? Is the question we should be asking ourselves. Using polls, the media tells us what issues matter the most to Americans, but only after they cover any one topic 24/7 on cable news, and we, like lapdogs, suck it up.

Is it Immigration, Terrorism, the economy; or is it National Security, Foreign Policy, education or healthcare? Looking carefully at the latter issues, they are all actually the symptoms of cultural flaws imbedded deep within the fiber of the American psyche.

Politicians run on platforms that highlight one or more of these issues and they stir up the public in either anger or fear, which is intensified constantly via cable news. But if each issue is analyzed thoroughly, we can conclude that greed, accompanied by hate and discrimination are at the root. The solutions to the problems are easily solved if Americans and their leaders address the root to stop the hemorrhaging, instead of applying bandages time and again. Let us take a close look.


There is no real terror threat to America. Think about it. For decades, political leaders warn Americans that terror is either here or coming to America, when there have been only one (1) actual (very questionable) attack on the country, which was September 11. Since then, there have been no real attacks on the same scale as 911. Not to take away from Boston or Fort Hood, but those were attacks on a much smaller, uncoordinated level. They were not masterminded or complex organized attacks, but radical acts of deviance no more orchestrated than Oklahoma, Atlanta, or any of the mass shootings in the country.

San Bernardino was not a terror attack; it was a workplace incident that political leaders and the media have built up to be terror in order to keep the fear of terrorism alive in the people. Most terror attacks are done in other countries, way more than they are here in America in fact; there are more attacks here in the country by citizens, on citizens, than there have been by so-called terrorist. The fact that America's leaders and media will not admit to this fact and address it appropriately testifies to their manipulation of the people using false news.

The motivation behind terrorists acts actually have nothing to do with America but have everything to do with an ancient war between Arabs and Jews; America and Europe are simply in the way. Both have sought out ways to capitalize from these wars and have politically and culturally injected themselves into the wars, which are highly resented by the Arab people, who see Western interference on behalf of Israel as a threat to their lifestyle and culture. Yet, American leaders tell the people that terrorist are jealous of our lifestyles and prosperity and are attempting to destroy it when in reality, they simply despise American culture because it clashes with their own. In short, America and Europe should stay out of their business, which would solve the terrorism problem. But no; western policy dictates that Israel must be protected against Arab nations because they believe this is what God wants. And he does, but not at the expense of exploitation, deception, and war.


Are Hispanics taking our jobs, really? No they are not. Businesses in the United States are giving jobs to Mexicans who cross the border and the government is supplying them with free benefits. The Government is not pushing immigrants to become legal citizens but are rather punishing them for being illegal. This is a twisted psychology. Yet politicians enrage citizens to blame the immigrants instead of the businesses and government, and this draws from the well of America's race discrimination and hatred for people of color.

Instead of designing a professional level solution to immigration by enacting laws that would legalize citizens from Mexico and other countries, and enriching the economy with the worker's tax money the right way, political leaders are feeding citizens juvenile theories of building a wall to keep immigrants out. This is a dumb idea; a really dumb idea; similar to plugging a leaking damn with a cork. Instead of rebuilding the damn the right way, a bandage is applied, which will only cause more damage in the long run. What is really sad and psychotic are political leaders and the news media continually feed the beast of race hatred and discrimination nationwide.


The people do not seem to realize that the economy is not good, but in shambles because of corporate greed and selfishness on the part of individual politicians. Right under our noses and in our faces, politicians makes laws that allow businesses to monopolize the markets, enrich their fellow investors and purchase their votes in Congress, the Senate, and the Whitehouse and at the local and state levels. In turn, businesses keep the profits instead of paying their employees higher wages to keep up with the cost of living, which rises higher as a result of businesses gouging the public and charging whatever they want for not only necessities of life, but cheap products and shabby services.

Are other countries taking our jobs or taking advantage of American negotiating deals? No, American businesses, supported by political leaders are racking up profits overseas at the expense of the American people. If they can make more money paying fewer wages to a people in another country who will work for less, they will and they have. America's leaders do not care about the American people by doing so and they tell the American people it is the fault of other countries, once again tapping into America's core of race and foreign cultural hatred.

Education and Healthcare

Can America afford free education and healthcare? No, but we can afford much, much lower cost for both if businesses were not so greedy. Drug companies, hospitals, private universities and insurance companies have drained the working people of this country like squeezing a sponge for its last drop. People are in debt to all of the above one way or another and because wages are stagnant, no one can keep up and have become liabilities and even potential criminals to a justice system starving to stay alive. Frustration, anger, and hopelessness are fed with pharmaceutical drugs, which have given rise to social drug problems.

Instead of preparing people who do not possess the skills to compete in this new age of technology and energy-changing globalization, America's political and business leaders have sought to write laws and policies that punish and oppress the people instead of investing in the people to rebuild the foundation of the American economy. Is that the fault of the people? Hell no. Once again, greed and selfishness fuel the inevitable collapse of America. And instead of securing the future foundation by giving opportunity to all people of color and race, bigoted politicians and social leaders leave the foot of oppression and hatred on the necks of those they deem a threat to white privilege.

The Psychosis

The above issues are easily solved and are not actually a threat to the country's future in the sense of a crises or epidemic. The drama is manufactured by politicians and the media because they have nothing better to do or simply do not have the intellect to see the problems for what they really are. Neither issue is tangible but all psychological. Simple care, concern, and fairness would delete the cancer of greed, racism, and hatred; but the moral ability to apply the aforementioned solutions is beyond the ability of America's leaders. As a result, America will continue to hemorrhage away its future and what will become of this neglect is an inflation of rage and anger toward people of color and different cultures.

In the end, a refusal of humility and twisted logic, along with the persona of a gun-wielding, second amendment world dominator, America will eventually fall head-long into the last world war because this is the only way they have concluded to solve its problems. It is not likely that the country can prevent this inevitable downfall unless it can care for all people equally. Yet, ironically, the covetous ideologies that built this so-called great country, i.e. greed, racism, and violence, will be the exact same ones to bring the country to its knees, with an added touch of willful ignorance and foolish pride.

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