Today, and the History of Racial Deprivation: A Critical Race Theory

The United States is the only developed country in the world that does not guarantee its citizens free or low-cost healthcare. Research this fact. The reason goes back over 150 years when the confederate states asked for government assistance for healthcare after the Civil War.

Since then, and each time politicians proposed healthcare or labor rights for the nation, it was partial out so Blacks were either excluded or could not have the same benefits as whites.

"As the Columbia University historian Ira Katznelson and others have documented, it was largely at the behest of Southern Democrats that farm and domestic workers - more than half the nation's black work force at the time - were excluded from New Deal policies, including the Social Security and Wagner Acts of 1935 (the Wagner Act ensured the right of workers to collective bargaining), and the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938, which set a minimum wage and established the eight-hour workday. The same voting bloc ensured states controlled crucial programs like Aid to Dependent Children and the 1944 Servicemen's Readjustment Act, better known as the G.I. Bill, allowing state leaders to effectively exclude black people." - SOURCE

Our grandmothers worked to clean the houses of white families without being able to contribute to social security which is why many of them ended up in the projects of urban cities. Black soldiers returned home only to be turned away by banks for home loans unlike the white soldiers, and Black workers were unable to get the right to a 40-hour work week or minimum wage.

They also consciously and knowingly discourage development in Black communities of new grocery stores, hospitals or infrastructure that would keep the air and water clean. "In the late 1860s, doctors had yet to discover viruses, but they knew that poor nutrition made people more susceptible to illness and that poor sanitation contributed to the spread of disease."

This is why so-called politicians vote against such bills that would make things easier for the working poor and middle class and why they underfund urban areas. Look at water crises in Flint, Michigan and Jackson, Mississippi now. They want us sick and dying. And they are still portioning out rights and services according to race. They will even deprive their own people, poor and rural whites, because they do not want Blacks to have the same benefits.

They claim the cost is the problem but that is a lie. They also claim that giving out free things will encourage dependency, but neither is that true because other wealthy countries are offering their citizens free healthcare and constantly build new infrastructure, and life expectancy is high and the quality of life is better overall. They do this to hurt Blacks and we can now include Hispanics into the equation.

"Professional societies like the American Medical Association barred black doctors; medical schools excluded black students, and most hospitals and health clinics segregated black patients. Federal health care policy was designed, both implicitly and explicitly, to exclude black Americans. As a result, they faced an array of inequities - including statistically shorter, sicker lives than their white counterparts. What's more, access to good medical care was predicated on a system of employer-based insurance that was inherently difficult for black Americans to get. "They were denied most of the jobs that offered coverage," says David Barton Smith, an emeritus historian of health care policy at Temple University. "And even when some of them got health insurance, as the Pullman porters did, they couldn't make use of white facilities." - SOURCE

This all boils down to hatred and fear that a healthy, happy Black population would upend the racial hierarchy of white supremacy. They fear people of color will take over and treat them the same as we have been treated. This end is coming regardless of what political policies are passed. God will never justify the wicked.

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