The Child Support System is Unnecessary and Illogical

To all the brothers out there under the strong arm of the child support system, here is a bit of logic to use against the ill-logic of the system's policies. It may seem harsh, but is no harsher than the laws set against you.

First of all, if you are not married to the mother of your child, you have no rights to the child, by law. This is the first harsh reality of the system. They automatically take from you your child as well as your rights to that child, which in itself, is a cruelty that should be outlawed based on the simple laws of humanity. But we live in an inhumane country.

In their reasoning, taking mandatory child support payments from you says that you are automatically deemed negligent and incapable of supporting the child on your own so they take it upon themselves to collect money from you for the well-being of the child. The child support system is in place for men who are neglectful of their children.

Now, if they take it upon themselves to collect money from you for the support of your child, and they have taken all rights from you as pertaining to your child's life, what need is there for you to exist any longer to that child? This is another harsh reality, but one assumed by the system itself. It is a system that enables neglect for the simple reason it inserts itself into the situation and removes the father.

Needless to say, many people believe it only right to contribute a little more to the support of the child on top of the mandatory child support payments, which supposedly shows that you are truly concerned about the well-being of your child. Also, spending a little more time with the child is a show of good fatherhood also in addition to the payments and any court mandated visitation rights.

However, the father does not have to do any of the above extras but are only required and expected pay the allotted amount in the order, or allow the system to garnish his wages. He does not have to spend anymore than what the state dictates nor does he have to ever see the child again, at least until the order is over. The father can go about his life as if he never had a child. The system has already deemed him unfit so why try to prove otherwise?

The main reason some men contribute more to the child's life is because they are concerned about the financial state of the child and the reason they spend time with the child is because they love the child and want to establish a relationship. Now if men are willing to do either voluntarily, why does the child support system exist in his life in the first place? Here's why.

The child support system is not about developing a relationship between the child and the father, but about relinquishing all contact between men and their children. The child support system is a feminist system designed to raise a fatherless society. They want to disannul the role of fathers in society and allow for the role of alternative lifestyles, and to increase single parent households who would become more dependent on the government, especially among Black women.

The logic behind the child support system is twisted logic, damaging to the traditional family lifestyle, and is a permanent force of destruction in the very child's life they seek to enhance. We live in a materialistic society and they believe that monetary means are more important to a child than the natural parent-child bond. They devalue the family and value state-sponsored fascism in its most destructive form, by taking rights away from parents.

Any father today can, by reason of the child support system, have a child and simply walk away from the situation without ever looking back. Sure they will pay child support but if that is their only responsibility, what more should a man concern himself about; he is actually free from the responsibility of raising any children, ever.

Think about it brothers, if you have been tagged as a negligent father by the child support system and by the child's mother, and you are paying weekly or monthly through garnishment; but you are still contributing on your own and spending time with your child through an arrangement with the mother, you are actually a bigger man than the entire concept of the state claim you to be.

In actuality, you have made the system out to be irrelevant and totally debunked their theory of you being neglectful, as well as the mothers claim to your supposed negligence. If you disagree with the analysis, and you believe that a man should contribute a bit more, then you have proven the point of the system's irrelevancy and proving you do have a genuine concern for your child.

On the other hand, if you agree that all you should do is what is required, then again, you are technically right and have proven the system to be ill-logical and destructive because regardless if you do more or not, as long as you are doing what is required, then you cannot be wrong.

In the long run when the child reaches 18, or after the child support order is complete, and the child wants to know why you never tried to contact them or offered any extra financial help, simply explain to the child that the support system assumed all responsibility for their well-being and relinquished your rights and you had no control over that decision. By that time in their lives they will understand and maybe never turn in the direction of fascism.

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