No Amount of Tokenism Will Cover America's Hate

Removing statues, printing labels on coffee cups and painting names on the street will not eradicate racism in America. Racism lies in the hearts of its white and off-white citizens and in the fabric of America's foundation. The tokenized attempts to make change are nothing more than insults to the intelligence of Black Americans. Are we supposed to turn the cheek when we see Black Lives Matter written on the street?


Racism and discrimination are in Hollywood imagery, cable news media, schools, corporate America, healthcare and every other socially functioning institution in this country. The people who run these institutions are racist themselves and nothing will change unless they personally change. Indifference and selfishness run deep in whites and is spread through a common code of white privilege; something they all would rather not lose to people of color.

Power, money, status and cultural prestige are things no one wants to simply give away to another. So, equality is not the goal. Maintaining the status quo is, however. Are Ivy League universities still lilly white? Yes. Are television commercials predominately white folks? Yes. Are bank managers, Wall Street brokers, and judges mostly white, who hold the opinions and privilege of white folks? Yes. Did a Black president eliminate racism? No. Then nothing has changed.

Black Americans still occupy low-income housing, the lowest paying jobs, and are profiled, seen as threats and treated like second class citizens. Spare us your simple-minded acts of racial solidarity with throwback MLK speeches in commercials and Black faces on cable news specials documenting Black progress and happiness. Keep that BS. Pay us what you owe us. And we do not want an apology for slavery. Keep that crap in your diaries and journals.

Admit whites had a 400-year head start. Admit Blacks built this country and have just as much right to the wealth as you have. Admit you stole from Africa. Admit Europeans would be nothing without the wealth of Africa. Admit God is not white, admit you make mistakes and that you have done wrong, admit you lie, steal, kill and cheat to keep power. Admit you have kept people of color down on purpose so your children can live off the fat of the land. Just freaking admit it.

Open the doors of the prison system and let our people go. Equip our urban schools like you equip your suburban schools. Take responsibility for your actions and live up to your own standards of right and wrong, first. Jail racists, fire bigots, teach humanity, punish up and coming racist white kids; disbar unjust lawyers, imprison murderous cops, make an example of any white person who has racism imbedded in their hearts. Nothing will change until there is real change. Before white America can take any credit for change and improving race relations, they must first change their own hearts.