White Men are Destroying the Foundation of their Beloved Country

Talk about divine retribution. Over the years the trumpet of praising the founding fathers, the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights, during 4th of July celebrations, Veterans Days, and any other historical tribute to America, has become nothing more than a hollow whisper of meaningless nothing. The Constitution is not as immutable as it has been proclaimed.

The current politicians under the former president are abandoning all the celebrated claims to Democracy and the Republic by perverting the three branches of government that make up the so-called United States. Without need to go into the details, the executive branch, along with the judicial branch is outright defying the legislative branch.

What is even more ironic and damning, is that the very foundations on which this country was built are the very same ones in which it will fall; white supremacy and crimes against humanity. Based on the oppression of people of color and the cruelties against other human beings, the United States' modus operandi (MO) is well at work today.

From the halls of the White House to the roads of rural America, racist hatred toward anyone not white is in full effect through vigilante violence, unjust laws and defiance against natural law, this country is doomed and on its death bed.

Powerful and wealthy white men have resolved to get what they can while they can at any cost. Even if it means trashing historical laws and precedence's to betraying the meaning of being a patriot, these men are stopping at nothing to take what they feel entitled to.

Unless a courageous and honest politician takes control of the direction of this country, no more can the words, "Shining Democracy" ever be claimed again from anyone in the media or from the halls of Congress. Never again should anyone feel obligated to pledge themselves to a country that has torn apart their own foundation from the hell of hatred and greed.

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