Foolish Pride has Fortified a Stiffnecked Generation

They have not learned. Already resistant to relinquishing power to a new generation of multicultural citizens, white Americans (mentally conditioned to the delusion of divine favor), have rejected the basic theories of their divine deity and chosen to hold tight to the power the delusion afforded them.

For centuries white Americans were told by their pastors and historical scholars that they were a supreme race of people of a superior stock and genome; awarded rights to the natural resources of the earth and convinced that it was their job to distribute those resources to the rest of the world according to their own best judgment. This was not true. This lie simply gave them an excuse to take and steal from other nations in the name of this fictitious deity.

They have been told from birth and throughout life that they only have the keys of truth, righteousness, and freedom; therefore, they have taken it upon themselves to design institutions that uphold these beliefs and spread this decree around the world. Nevertheless, it was all a "Big Lie," and now that the consequences of telling and believing a lie have come to reclaim the truth, they are running and hiding.

Wow. It has been a good run; but it is over. Truth is unrelenting. Like a tidal wave overtaking the shore, once it slams on the surface that surface is forever rearranged. White America's delusions have been rearranged yet many still hold dearly to what is left of the shore. They refuse to acknowledge the wave that fell and will even deny its existence and impact; and they even refuse to look at the sea again. Holding their necks toward the land.

The God they were told favors them by giving them the continent of North America and other scattered parts of the world, have stood up from under the sea and denied that message. All the perks that came with the delusion are one-by-one being shredded by testimony, words, and deeds in the form of video; viewed by the rest of the world who look on in awe at the naked underbelly of American society.

Yet through all the divine revelation, they have not learned. They are defiant. Stiffnecked and a rebellious people who wallow in foolish pride. The kind of pride that will not allow them to let God's people go. The kind of rebellion that makes their eyes water in refusal, their heads bang in denial and their mouths tightened, searching for another lie. Confused, conspiring together to come up with another, even deeper fable.

They were wrong. They went the way of fools and became the very disgust they hurled at the people they were told they were above. Yep; they are thugs, incompetent, idle, dependent, thieves, hooked on a substance that bewilders the mind and direct the feet to mischief, violence, engulfed in hatred and possessed with vile thoughts; nooses, machine guns, and biological weapons of war.

Foolish pride that deceives them into rejecting help for their own selves and their children to spite those they hate for the sole purpose of satisfying their own lust for hate. They are guilty. Exposed. Looked at in a different light by the same people they looked at while in darkness. They have not learned.

The poor, the sick, and the stranger are their victims while at the same time they are told they are champions of the same. Now, they know they are not champions for anyone but themselves. It has been recorded, replayed over and over by millions unto a testimony for all and God to review for eternity. This is the day of judgment and they cannot escape.

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