Imitating the Oppressor Has Corrupted Black Leadership

The ideology behind the Civil Rights Movement was for Black America to gain equal rights and opportunities along side whites. They expected whites to respect their achievements and ideas and include them in the concept of the Constitutional preambles of life, liberty, and the notion of being create equal. This was not then and not now ever going to happen.

Wealthy white men have set the standard of being an American, and it does not include Blacks or other people of color on an equal basis. This standard, however, is based on the unethical ideologies of survival of the fittest, greed, power, and self-centeredness. All characteristics Blacks and other nations should avoid.

Worldviews such as the above are what ruin nations and causes the fall of empires. History has revealed that nations of this sort are eventually overthrown by the masses, yet by learned behavior the masses eventually become the oppressors because they imitate the oppressors before them. The same ideologies that corrupted the oppressors become second nature in the oppressed once they take power.

We are subconsciously consumed with the desires of wealth and power while fighting the struggle, and when given the opportunity to advance into power, we have not been taught how not to become like the oppressor. Once those of the Civil Rights Movement advanced into power, like so many Black politicians today, they are indoctrinated on how to maintain that power or risk losing it and being returned to the rank and file.

The corruption in many African countries is fueled by imitation of the Euro-worldview of capitalism, colonialism, and greed. Unable to free themselves from the influence of British rule, African countries still struggle against a sudo-aparthied system when ruling their own people. For this reason, they are left out of the world market and are instead being exploited by other nations of their resources.

Sadly, not many have the courage or know-how of changing the power structure toward advancement of the people instead of tilting it further to the oppressor. Money corrupts and neutralizes their efforts, in addition to threats, intimidation, and strongarming of ethics. Overtime, they are either compromised, catechized, or discarded all together. Though good intensions are there, the will to achieve them are strangled.

Social cycles of experiences are what actually change a society, not individuals or movements. The society has to go through the motions of learning the hard way through corruption, catastrophe, and sometimes war, destruction, and civil unrest to realize by what oppressive means that society has collapsed. Warnings are there, and history screams at leadership, but corruption and indifference drown out those voices.

Black Americans are in prime position to heed those warnings and to prepare a structure for society that will actually work for the people. They should not seek after the things of the oppressor and learn none of his ways. Unbridled capitalism, unethical business practices of oppression of workers, partiality in justice and withholding assistance to people in need are societal killers.

"Envy thou not the oppressor, And choose none of his ways." Proverbs 3:31.

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