When Bigotry Exceeds Intelligence: A Critical Race Theory

For centuries, white America has laid claim to intellectual superiority over all other races of the world. They even went as far as to publish a book called, "The Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life" by Herrnstien and Murray.

The book indubitably places the intelligence of white Americans at the top of the IQ percentile, yet behind Asians - so not to look obvious - but well above Blacks and other Americans. It was highly acclaimed among elitist and accepted by their scholarly peers throughout Ivy League schools as good science and sufficiently validated the arrogance of the rank and file.

The problem was the book was conceived and written with bigotry as an underlying motive, which brings into question their overall intelligence. Why would a people have to prove their intelligence accept as a reason to undermine others? That is like writing an autobiography about yourself to prove everyone else sucks. It actually reveals your ignorance and lack of intelligence.

This is the conundrum they face today as a people. "How do we show the world we smart?" Unfortunately, everything they do is aimed at undermining, hurting, or eliminating others who are not white in order to make themselves shine. They will alter history, facts, and reality to their own detriment and to the detriment of the rest of the world just so they can feel good about themselves.

The entire history of the United States is based on laws they have written, treaties they have drafted and broken, wars they have fought that killed many, and to this day, the same remains true. The behavior is not one of an intelligent people, it is the behavior of a destructive people obsessed with themselves.

From the Supreme Courts to the classrooms of children, white America have altered reality to satisfy a delusion conjured up in their minds that they cannot possibly do no wrong. They went as far as to create a deity of whiteness that validates that very delusion; and they preach it as gospel.

When a group of people can sit down and write laws that give power to individuals to carry guns and murder whoever they deem a threat to society base on the delusion of protecting society, knowing full well that white men will use that law to kill Black people or other people of color, that is not intelligent, that is vindictiveness.

When a people can procrastinate enforcing the law upon one of their own even after that person has broken every sacred legal and ethical binding drawn into their own constitution while sitting in the most powerful seat in the world - the United States presidency - they have stretched that delusion as far as they can to protect their reputation; because it is a reflection of them.

When a people can design institutions of incarceration, segregation, discrimination, intimidation, and experimentation, all for the sole purpose of maintaining a self-satisfying delusion in the face of reality, that people do not operate from intellect, but from the depths of narcissism and hate on a systemic level. This comes from not seeing the good in humanity.

When a people can ignore the rage in children who kill other children using military-grade weapons yet at the same time claim those children need their feelings protected from uncomfortable words and deeds of the past; when they can look pass unbridled murder of innocent people by appointing false witnesses in juries simply to hide their shame;

When a people can convince themselves that injustices of Civil Rights and Liberties is an excuse to dig deeper into the bag of delusion and write more laws just to avoid responsibility; when they can justify greed and wink at poverty, ignore lies as well as truth and settle on a delusion; when they can look right at a video and choose to ignore what they see, they are not using intelligence, they are consciously choosing ignorance.

At this point in time, there is only one solution for white America to regain its self-respect and humanity, and that is to admit that they are not as intelligent as they claim, to accept responsibility for their offenses, and make things right for the people they have wronged. They must accept the fact that their effort at disguising themselves as God's gift to humanity has brought them to such a low point that even their children are confused as to who they really are, and they are beginning to hate themselves.

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