The 2nd Amendment is a Cover for white Fear

The truth is the truth. The only reason the 2nd amendment is still around is because white folks fear for their lives.

Those who champion this amendment are those who believe that if they do not have access to a gun, people of color will take vengeance on them for the years of white cruelty.

Proof of that are the many white people who do not carry guns and who actually have no problems. No one person of color is out for vengeance. Paranoia has consumed the minds of those who hide behind the excuse of owning a gun.

Another reason so many white folks have guns, and have owned them for centuries, is because by nature they are a murderous people and because the only way they can relate to other people of the world is through the use of violence and exertion of power.

Over the years, they have invented many excuses to cover for those reasons.

There are many excuses for owning and now carrying a gun around. First and foremost they claim it is a "right." However, simply because it is a right does not mean you have to exercise that right. Another excuse is they need it for protection. Millions of other people do not own a gun and never have a problem.

Another excuse is the words of the amendment itself, which states;

"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

The only need for a militia, according to the meaning of the amendment, is if the federal government attacks a free state, which has never happened and probably never will. It is just another lame excuse to cover for the real reason of fear and paranoia.

Another reason white folks carry guns is to intimidate others, also as a pretense to masculinity, toughness, and a false sense of power. Some white folks become police officers just to gain that sense of power and use their positions of authority to intimidate, exert power over others, and to fulfill their fantasies of murdering someone.

Hunting is not a reason to carry a gun, unless you actually need to hunt for food. There are grocery stores all over the country and the excuse for collecting guns can be replaced with stamps.

Basically, there is no reason for anyone to have a gun. The only people who should have them are military personal to protect against outside invasion. If citizens did not have guns, neither do the police need them because there would be no threat to their lives, like they so love to claim after killing an innocent person.

The Supreme Court all the way down to the lowest courts in the land protects white folk's right to have a gun because they are protecting the fears of white people. Both political parties also protect this right for the same reason.

Meanwhile, people with guns are killing each other all over the country; wives killing husbands, children killing parents and friends, and crazy people killing crowds of people for no reason other than sport.

Again, the 2nd Amendment is for cowards and for people who are possessed by the spirit of killing. Face it, if white folks did not have guns, the world would be a whole different place.