Imagine: A Time Such As This

In the near future a power outage happens across the United States that darkens three quarters of US cities and the majority of rural America. Authorities scramble to find the reason for the black out while rumors and theories are spread from coast the coast.

Some say the government itself caused the outage as a means to purge the country of certain citizens while others claim foreign attacks by another country, while still others point to spiritual and religious reasons. Because no one can watch television and not many have access to transmitter radios, the public is literally left in the dark on what actually happened.

The rumors and theories become more extreme as time goes by. More than three weeks pass and still no electricity or information. Families in communities have resorted to borrowing from one another while other communities have seen a slight rise in theft and signs of violence.

With no electricity, food goes bad within two weeks, water flow stops, and garbage piles up bringing odors and animals from out of the woods. Gas stations, grocery stores, and other places of business cannot function as usual leaving many people without work and on the search for relief and food.

After a month and a half, things have gotten so bad that people have either bunkered into their homes for protection or banded together to go look for answers. They are armed with guns and other weapons and resources such as gas and access to money have become inaccessible because banks are closed, ATMs are down, and fuel trucks have stopped running.

Night time is most dangerous because people have become desperate and others are standing watch over their property and family members. The police roam the neighborhoods less because their own resources have been hindered. Most of them are at home protecting their own families instead of the communities.

After three months, the quietness has become interrupted by gun shots, screams, and other unthinkable sounds. People are hungry, dying, and sick. The stores have been looted empty as well as the hospitals, banks, malls, and gun shops. All over the country, desperation has set in with no sign of government help or instruction.

Then one day a line of military tanks and trucks role down the main street of your community and people run to find out what is going on and what can they do. Over a bullhorn, a soldier announces a location less than 50 miles from your community that is offering help, medicine and food. They give directions and people return home to either gather their family and things or remain where they are.

What would you do? Would you go with the military or would you stay where you are? Why or why not?