The White Supremacist Dog Whistle to the Media

People think Trump sends racists dog whistles to white supremacist only, but that is not true. The media cable and print news hear those whistles also. Though no one sees a CNN or MSNBC anchor out on the street with an AR-15 threatening protesters, they hear and obey their racist leader by hiding the crimes of the actual white supremacist.

Right now, the news media is reporting on what they call a rise in crime in inner cities with homicide rates and robberies rising, and they are asking where the police are; inferring that maybe crime is rising because the police refuse to work. And they insinuate the reason they are not working is because protesters have called to defund the police.

These are all lies and an attempt to hoodwink the Black community into thinking they need the police. The real crimes are being committed by white supremacist and disgruntled police officers who have the audacity to be angry that they can no longer shoot and kill a Black man when they damn well please. Any reported shootings in Black communities or at protests are not Black people killing Black people, it is white supremacist killing Black people.

The news media will never, ever tell you that because they are protecting their image as white people and protecting their racist white leader. They do not want to take responsibility for their actions nor their support for white privilege so they hide the crimes of whites and blame Blacks. They did the same thing in the nineties when the Clintons asked the Black community what they needed to stop the violence of the crack cocaine era and scared and ignorant Black community leaders asked for more police.

They hired over 100,000 police and that is when the prison population boomed. They are trying to do the same thing now by pressuring Blacks to cry out for help and ask for more police to fight the violence they claim is rising in our communities. But the claim is a lie. Black politicians and community leaders must not fall for this lie or we will be hoodwinked and suffer for it in the long run once again.

Patrol the hood. Protect our women and children and keep them off the streets in the wee hours of the night because this is when the white supremacist attack most.