The Case for Black Private School Segregation

In the wake of today's toxic and discriminatory public-school system, Black America may be better off choosing to educate their children K-12 in all Black private schools, with a mix of Latino and other children, and away from white children, their parents, and racially indifferent school boards and administrations.

Segregated Black private schools would significantly reduce, if not eliminate, the school-to-prison pipeline, threats against Black teachers who teach true America history, including topics under the feared Critical Race Theory, and hate and bullying from white children who inconsiderately throw around the N-word.

Of course, questions about federal funding would come into play since we all know that suburban schools are well-funded by the government and urban schools receive the crumbs from the table; so, a serious marketing campaign would definitely need to go into effect that reach out to Black parents across the nation who are simply fed up dealing with the antagonism of the white office politics and racism of educating their children.

With technology advancing the way it has, online learning has become a more doable means of learning. Student socializing can be fulfilled by simply arranging outside time in local communities where children of all colors can mingle amongst each other without fear of racist hate crimes, mass shootings or threats of imprisonment by school resource officers gung-ho on brutalizing or even killing a Black child. Away from professional Karens and white parents seeking to legally humiliate a Black family accused of intruding into their privileged world.

With the gathering of the right minds, a curriculum designed specifically for Black and other indigenous children can be used to educate them on their history and culture untainted by the fabrications of false European explorers, valiant heroes of the sea and conquers of distant lands. The unbridled truth can be told minus the cynicism and constant disparagement. Although carefully vetted input would be accepted from genuine white minds who seek progression and not digression from reality.

Funding would not be an issue seeing Black families are all but being forced to look for alternative places to educate and raise their children. It is clear, and has been for centuries, that white people will do anything and take any measure not to have their children around Black people or other people of color. It's time to ask, why do we need validation from these people and why do we take the abuse anyway?

Sometimes not getting something is a blessing. It opens doors to new opportunities that were not seen or explored before. Over time, the long, subliminally implanted feelings of rejection, unworthiness, and self-hatred will be replaced with feelings of pride, confidence, and a strong motivation for success. Finding self-purpose molds young Black minds into positive forces for good and tears down idle minds.

An endeavor of this sort would also open up new opportunities in areas of political, economic, and community networks throughout the country, and maybe the world. Ventures of this sort expand into marketing opportunities, research, more disciplined child care centers, transportation, and even health and psychological wellness programs for children with special needs.

The skills needed for these new opportunities call for professionals in many areas that can be recruited from HBCUs that, in turn, draw graduating students from many of the new, Black funded private schools. When people's backs are forced against a wall, unity always strengthens.

If this idea interest you or if you have ideas of your own, comments or questions, or know someone that may be interested and that can help grow this effort, please contact the author at

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