The History of Systemic Racism (CRT)

There is an old saying that goes something like, "don't argue with a fool." The logic behind why white America does not want Critical Race Theory taught to their children is illogical because the concept it is based on is happening today.

The theory says that America was built on systemic racism, organized for the purpose of exalting whites above people of color in every area of life; economically, educationally, and legally. Opponents of CRT say that is not true and would rather believe the country was built on equality and fairness, and they want their children to believe that also.

First, scholars and analyst continue to argue that Critical Race Theory is not being taught to children and that it is a college level course, but the opponents refuse to believe that and have rather pushed the opposite onto school boards and parents.

The truth is, even if CRT were being taught to children, the push to stop it would be unnecessary simply because systemic racism is still happening today, in every area of social life. Ironically, while parents yell at school boards about teaching their children that their forefathers and grandparents are racist, their children are yelling the N-word at sporting events, the prison system practices legalized slavery, police are racial profiling and killing Black men, banks, businesses and Karens are calling the police on Black men and women for existing, politicians are suppressing the vote of minority voters, the white supremacist movements are making the news media, and white people are getting away with crimes that people of color would do time for.

Point to the NFL, Hollywood, the Olympics, Fox News and the other right-wing cable channels and the book banning of Black authors, along with the subtle attempt to remove Black History Month from the mainstream, and anyone can see systemic racism.

Their own children can see first hand what systemic racism is when they turn to TikTok or any other social media app. They learn first hand from their parents and their jobs the evils of racism and bigotry, and they are not blind to police brutality.

So, the fight to counter protest against the CRT madness is not needed while the actual theory is in practice right now today. All is needed is to point to the racism in the country today to prove the theory correct. The past does not have to be brought into the discussion at all.

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