The Plan of the Wealthy is a Feudal Society: Control, Misery, and Death

Take a good look at the above photo. This is the future of the United States for the next generation of our children and grandchildren if the wealthy are allowed to continue to take control of the government.

The wealthy in the United States are buying off politicians (more Republicans, some Democrats) because they are attempting to reestablish a feudal society like that of the medieval Europe in the 9th through 15th centuries, and if they get their way, 50 years from now it will become a reality.

This type of society exists now in Mumbi, India, the 12th richest city in the world, where the billionaire population and the stockbrokers own an estimate $950 billion in wealth. "At the same time, more than half of the city's population lives in slums, or areas of extreme poverty that often lack access to clean water, electricity, and public transportation." - SOURCE

The plan here in the US is underway and have been for the past 50 years. As conservative politicians climb the government ladder in Congress and the US Senate, more laws have been passed that protect the wealthy from the working class and gives them more power to control how wealth is distributed. They want to destabilize and privatize any government services in the country and take the money for themselves.

Beginning with the "First National Bank of Boston v. Bellotti," case in which "The United States Supreme Court held that corporations have a First Amendment right to make contributions to ballot initiative campaigns." Then came Citizens United in 2010 which "the Supreme Court's 5-4 First Amendment decision in 2010 that extended to corporations for the first time full rights to spend money as they wish in candidate elections - federal, state and local. The decision reversed a century of legal understanding, unleashed a flood of campaign cash and created a crescendo of controversy that continues to build today." - SOURCE

Since then, the US has become an oligarchy, where the wealth control the politics of the country instead of the voters. If they want a certain politician in office that will protect their interest against the people, all they have to do is contribute large amounts of money to their campaign, far outspending regular grassroot politicians. This is how the last 4 Republican presidents got into office. The wealthy knew they would give them everything they asked for.

They all gave them large tax-cuts and basically the legal right to further oppress the wages of workers. Miraculously, in 2020 Covid hindered their plan and exposed their greed. Now workers around the country are unionizing, quitting, resigning, and starting businesses to get from under corporate rule, because they saw how badly they were treated and how little they were valued.

Undeterred, however, corporations relentlessly continue pushing politicians to take control: They want to end social security and Medicare so they can privatize both and profit from private insurers instead of the public fund. Imagine what would happen if the elderly had no social security or Medicare? They would waste away in poverty and sickness, which would eventually increase homelessness. The politicians that work for the wealthy do not care about the elderly though, like they did not care what happened to women who could not get abortions, familes, or even the men, regardless of the circumstance. They haphazardly push foolish legislation out of obedience and greed.

They are in the process of ending public schools to turn them private, which would be owned by wealthy individuals taking tax-payers money to teach a worker culture instead of a free-thinking society. They want to privatize the roads into toll roads, the water system into private systems and double the cost (look at Jackson, Mississippi and Flint, Mi.).

The wealthy are pushing against debt forgiveness in education and college loans, consumer credit card debt, medical debt, and they have increased interest rates for home mortgages. They want people in debt because it means a residual income for the wealthy for life. They strike down energy policies that save the consumer money because they want fossil fuels and continued wars, a large military budget, and people who can only afford to enlist in the military instead of having an education.

They have increased private prisons and implanted judges that pervert justice to maintain a prison quota. They have padded police budgets and increased the police force by hundreds of thousands and have done nothing about the racism and hate that plague those paramilitary forces. They are looking to jail or brutalize minorities and immigrants, the homeless, and the political and media opposition who thwart their plans.

They are currently purchasing the news media and journalist to flood the nation with propaganda, lies, and misinformation that indoctrinate the public in being good citizens and that threatens them through subliminal means. They have control of televised advertising, Hollywood, and many streaming services that further indoctrinate the public with images of mind-numbing lifestyles of sex, drugs, violence, and social chaos.

The object of owning the media is to keep the public at odds with and against each other. Through racism, genderism, lifestyle, religion, and fear of one another, which keeps the public distracted to their plan of transforming society into a feudal state. They are distributing guns and small arms to the public (and children) so we can kill each other. The enemy is not one another, but the wealthy who seeks to oppress. "For the love of money is the root of all evil:" 1 Timothy 6:10.

They want an uneducated society who do not understand their rights, which is why they are quietly seeking to suppress voting rights, civil rights, and the right to protest, assemble, or unionize as a collective body. They are bank rolling politicians to do their bidding for them which is why half of the politicians reject any policies that help or strengthen the people.

Take a good look at the above photo. This is the future of the United States for the next generation of our children and grandchildren if the wealthy are allowed to continue to take control of the government. Fortunately, the wealthy lack one thing, which is divine wisdom and perception. They do not realize that once they have oppressed the people to a feudal state, their wealth dries up and the very people they oppressed will come after them for what is rightfully theirs.

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