Proof That God Does Not Allow Suffering and Hunger, Man Does

For all those who blame poverty and sufferings of humanity on God as an excuse not to acknowledge Him, here are hard facts that reveal how the pains of humanity is a result of the actions of man more than the negligence of God.

According to a report from the Associated Press entitled "Food prices Soar to record levels on Ukraine war Disruptions," it explains why food prices have increased and how various countries and their people are and will suffer hunger in the near future.

This suffering is not an act of God and has not gone unnoticed by God, the suffering is caused by the acts of man and his thirst for power by means of war. God calls for peace but man constantly seeks reasons to go to war; and as a result: "Prices for food commodities like grains and vegetable oils reached their highest levels ever last month largely because of Russia's war in Ukraine and the "massive supply disruptions" it is causing, threatening millions of people in Africa, the Middle East and elsewhere with hunger and malnourishment, the United Nations said Friday."

But war is not the only reason researchers have blamed for the cause, but also weather and supply chain issues are included. Again, this is not the fault of an unloving God, but of the indifference of man. With constant warnings of climate change and worker exploitation by the wealthy, man has ignored these warnings to fulfill selfish needs and corporate greed.

One researcher of such events "told reporters in Geneva...he couldn't calculate how much the war was to blame for the record food prices, noting that poor weather conditions in the United States and China also were blamed for crop concerns. But he said "logistical factors" were playing a big role."

"There is a sharp deterioration of the food and nutrition security in the region," he told reporters, saying 6 million children are malnourished and nearly 16 million people in urban areas are at risk of food insecurity."

He goes on to discuss how the World Food Program has appealed for millions of dollars to meet the needs of 22 million people in certain regions of the world. This appeal of course, depends of the vote of actual men who have power to release the funds or not, which could save the lives of those suffering. This is not an act of God, but of man.

Also cutting into the daily lives of working people and the cost of living is the rising oil and fuel prices. Not only is it effecting people at the gas pump, but all fuel cost such as jet fuel, which raises the cost of travel, heating oil and diesel cost - that power homes and the trucking industry - have all risen causing the working family to struggle.

According to a March 7 article in Forbes, "Average U.S. gas prices rose to an all-time high of $4.104 per gallon Monday, fuel data platform GasBuddy reported, as Russia's invasion of Ukraine spread chaos throughout energy markets and drove prices up by a record-setting 49.1 cents per gallon over just seven days."

The resources of food and oil play a large role in the daily survival of people on this earth, which are abundant as natural resources of the earth for use from God, but stifled and manipulated by man for the sake of political purposes and greed.

"Those nations rely on affordable supplies of wheat and other grains from the Black Sea region to feed millions of people who subsist on subsidized bread and bargain noodles, and they now face the possibility of further political instability."

As the researcher stated, this is political instability, not anything that has to do with God, but everything to do with the politics of man. The politics of man decides who gets what and when, thus creating a trickle-down effect of which countries eat and which ones starve, which all comes down to who has the money who does not.

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