Uniting the whites Against the World

When at one time Russia was a sworn enemy of the United States and considered a rogue nation by the Reagan administration and every Republican administration since, only recently, under the last presidency, the hidden motive was unveiled to unite Russia and the United States as a world power: a white, world power.

When at one time communism was a dirty word and referred to as a "pinko" government by America's most staunch patriots, today, communism and Democracy is merging into a mutated form of authoritarianism.

The two are forging a world power of "white supremacy" to reign in control of the more colorful nations of the world, including China, Africa, the Middle East and other indigenous countries. As subtle as this merging is, the United States has camouflaged its relationship with a distorted image of America/Russia relations via the last US president and his so-called collusion with Russia.

In a clip from the Helsinki Conference, (that the media never addressed or brought to light) this president alludes to the nuclear powers of both countries as an indirect threat to the rest of the world.

However, if carefully viewed, the American media has began to include many stories about Russia into its daily broadcast as if their news was equally important to America's own news. The war in the Ukraine has set the stage for world upheaval, economic chaos, and hopelessness among humanity.

And they have succeeded in confusing the average American mind into disregarding what is actually happening. Both countries are positioning their armies for war against the countries of color.

America's last president knew exactly what he was doing and has done where it pertains to involvement with Russia and sadly, the American people are quietly accepting this merge by hearing the greatest dog whistle in the world, the one of the building of a great "white supremacist" world order with the most powerful nuclear arsenal in the world. This is why there is no backlash about election interference, treason, or government collusion coming from the most racist sector of American society.

The problem with this diabolical scheme of world domination is that, as foretold by the Bible where it pertains to the last days and the end of the world, the only way by which they will establish this feat will begin the end of civilization as we know it. In other words, they will defeat all colors of humanity even if it kills them, and the rest of humanity.

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